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Well, our first blog post which features our wonderful friend Vicky, with the help of another amazing friend Angel. These shots were done in the beautiful St Kilda beach on an extremely windy day, which weren’t the best conditions for my amazing model (having hair constantly in your face is not the best feeling). We wanted to get a really summer feel for this shoot which was brought to life through Vicky’s summer clothes and amazing style!

Vicky and Angel were such fun people to shoot with and to simply just spend time with. We spent majority of the day clambering around rocks and the beach side walk taking photos while trying to avoid the insane winds. Vicky was such a star, she always is. She’s one of those people that make you smile so much just because she’s so warm, friendly, fun and bubbly.

I personally couldn’t wait to post these photos, cause I love beach shots and I love colour. This was my personal favourite outfit (probably cause of the bright green and blues). Simply gorgeous.

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We’ve both been keeping quite busy before uni starts up again (so soon!). But it’s actually so amazing how quickly holidays can go by. Personally am looking forward to meeting back with old friends but really not looking forward to waking up early!

Thanks to everyone who have been so encouraging on our blog and our new fb likes! Can’t wait to show you guys some more pics from these shoots.

Probably will be four more outfit posts coming up!






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Hello there!

Welcome to our new blog domain and blog layout!
Thanks so much to everyone who was so supportive at our old blog ( ) and for being so wonderful and encouraging. Especially those who would come up to me and ask us about the blog and those who would comment and ‘like’ our photos. It means so much to us and thankyou from the bottom of our hearts!

The reason for the change in websites is predominately because we wanted to change our blog layout and after an ugly affair with a particular widget (linkswithin once added can never be removed a warning to all those bloggers out there) and some wonderful help from a brilliant friend (thanks Kris!) we found it so much easier to switch to wordpress.

We’re hoping that this type of layout will help us convey our images across to you so much better and I won’t have to waste precious blogging time messing with htmls, upload issues and frustrating layouts. Another great thing I found about word press is that they have autocorrect!

Just thought I’ll post these images as an introductory post of ourselves.

These are my favourite shots that me and Vess did for our minshoot for the ‘//ABOUT” page of our blog .

Taken in Vess’ room, we try to use what we have!

IMG_0153 copy copy

The next few posts will probably be either transferred posts from our previous blog, or maybe a collection of my favourites photos from last year. Am still yet to decide!

But yet again for being such avid followers and for being so supportive of B.P.S

You guys are the best and make me smile so much!