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Hello friends!

I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures which we’ve been taking over the past few days. Shoots which range from mother-daughter photography to fashion and design! These pics in particular were such fun and I’m really proud of them (haha, to be sadly honest about it!). Shot infront of one of the very beautiful fences in our neighbourhood, I really wanted to try something different with my photography (which i hoped I achieved! What do you guys think?) . I really love the softness that the really low aperature brings to the photos.

Let me  tell you a little bit about Vess’ outfit. She’s wearing a Christian Dior Skirt gifted to us from one of our mum’s friends and a simply top from Dotti. But honestly, the skirt is so stunning. Long, galmourous and a beautiful colour, it has such elegance and class about it. And to top it off, Vess looks so goregous in it. I love how she’s styled it with her curls and her cute shoes, such a glamourous look which is brought together very nicely with her red lippy.

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Currently in the process of implimenting some blogging consistency tactics, through an attempted timetable which is as below;

Monday: Val (photography of my many gorgeous models), Wednesday Vess/Va l(v&v fashion post) , Friday Vess(fashion illustration), Sunday Val (repost from our old blog)

Praying we keep to our word and you guys will be getting some really good content from us!

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Thankyou again for the wonderful support!

Appreciate each and everyone of you!


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Last week was the official week of Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and it was just simply A.Mazing. It was just such a great highlight to our week and such a great start to the year! And I (Vess) was fortunate enough to experience all aspects of the runway show,  as a guest and as a volunteer. So we are so happy to present you a touch of our LMFF experience, on the runway and behind the scenes.

Our LMFF experience started last Saturday night with Val and I both rushing home from our respected jobs and all of us (Val, myself and our utterly fabulous mum!) jumped into our car and made our way as fast as we could to Docklands. I had bought tickets to the Sportsgirl Grad Showcase which started at 7pm. And as none of us had ever been to a fashion show we remained optimistic as we parked our car at 8pm,  that the show would still be on.

Arriving at Docklands it was a flurry of music, lights, free icecream, and popcorn. It was a spectacular event! However my suspicions were answers when we found out that the Sportsgirl Grad Show had just finished! Oh course, I was quite disappointed, but as I mentioned in my previous blog post, nothing, absolutely nothing deters Val’s optimism. As mum and I munched on some skinny cow ice-cream (so good) Val spoke to the Ticketek Ladies. Long story short, and as you can see by the images above, they got us seats to the next show! Which was the

Harpers Bazaar Brides Red Carpet Show. It featured these designers:

Akira Isogawa
Aurelio Costarella
Collette Dinnigan
Rachel Gilbert
Toni Maticevski

And it was glorious.

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The designers each had an artistic vision of silhouettes, drapery, materials, colour and grace. I was entralled by the Colette Dinningham gowns and the Rachel Glibert dresses. The dresses they design are, simply put, Cinderella gowns. Just full of beauty and lightness. Akira’s pieces were incredible as well, those series of dresses were Val’s favourite. Such a challenge to the constructs of what a wedding dress should be! Yet each garment held a mystery and elegance that every wedding dress holds. With veils, lace and the soaring sounds of a violinist and DJ  playing Sweet Disposition, the whole show was absolutely marvellous.

I could gush for hours on the beauty of the whole setting. But I won’t. I’m going to gush about something else though, so if you’ve held on for this long and read this much so far then I encourage you to keep dear friend, I’m almost done.

When I had found out we had missed the show and that we were not going to be going to the show, I was so disappointed. But there are happy mistakes and there is a God who loves to bless his children. It was amazing because our mum mentioned that just that Saturday morning she was thinking of getting some bridal books for us to start imaging our bridal dress. (a bit early still!) So it was incredible to see and watch a show that was all about just that! If we had come on time, we would have gone to our show but missed the Brides show, if I had giving up and went and bought an ice cream cone (to eat my sorrows) I would not have experienced such a magnificent experience. It’s a trust thing almost. Trust that there’s an upside to every fall, a sliver lining to every dark cloud, a up to every down.

So a little something to think about as we wander into the Easter celebration. There’s always another open window to every closed door. On that note, I cannot wait to share with you my behind the scenes experience of the LMFF it was the best time and I gained a fantastic insight into the industry! And met some new friends, which is alway lovely.

And to finish this off, it must be said. Val’s photos, amazing! She was having the time of her life, snapping away at the models on the runway just so she could share them with you.

With love and I’ll share more with you soon friends.


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Hello there friends!

This has definitely been a busy week for Val and I, third week back to uni and getting into homework and work has definitely not been the easiest of tasks! We have a lot to share with you, photobooths and fashion shoots, why just tonight we went to LMFF and saw the most stunning show! And you better believe that Val had her camera out snapping the action! Also! Fashion illustration is coming back! I’ve (Vess) got that passion again, so you’re going to get some visual goodness when I get out my paintbrushes and pens! But first, here are some absolutely stunning photos of Val.

IMG_9768 copy

IMG_9774 copy

IMG_9790 copy

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 How amazing is the floral head piece that Val is wearing? Our mum made it for our Lana Del Rey inspired shoot with Maddy and Val just couldn’t resist having her own shoot with that gorgeous thing!

Well, as I wrap up this blog post for tonight, at 1:30am Melb time with Val sleeping in her bed and me borrowing her computer to blog this post for you, I’m just going to take this moment to say.. how absolutely gorgeous my twin sister is. She’s so gorgeous inside and out! As these pictures clearly show, my twin sister is an absolute stunner with a beautiful smile and lovely eyes. As twins it’s often difficult to complement the other because people often say that it’s as if we are complementing ourselves! But truly Val is one of a kind, she’s so loving, sweet and kind. She’ll talk to everyone and make them feel like such a special person, she’ll see the good in every situation (even walking down dark alleys may find it’s benefits) and she sees the God given potential in every human being. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life as my friend, sister and my twin.

So signing off for tonight, love those around you and never stop telling them just how beautiful they are.

Leave a comment, leave a note, leave something and we will love you for it lovely friends. We love making beautiful things and it really tickles us knowing that people like you are seeing the beauty in what we’re seeing too.

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keep stylish


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For those who were followers of our old blog you may recognise these photos! Really wanted to repost some photos cause I wanted to selected the best few photos and place them here! (Also, I felt like this new blog looked a bit empty! ) Hopefully you guys enjoy re-viewing these shots!

Some more fashion shots taken in our local park. Really blessed in Australia to have such beautiful park areas and trees’ to take pictures in, to walk our dog and to simply relax.

This little outfit here I bought in Thailand, the dress, I think was around 200 Baht (which once converted I think roughly is around $6 AU) and the belt was from the second hand shop. While the hat, which I personally think looks very rustic in the “Aussie Outback” was around $10 from TEMT.

Personally loving Melbourne weather at the moment, my favourite part of the day is probably the cool change at night when it’s not too chilly to walk around.

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Thank you so much for your responses to our lovely pictures at Werribee Mansion! Saw you guys loved it so much, I’ve posted some more photos up from our day trip, these photos were taking by Vess, (Emerald took the other set of photos which you can see here ) so you can see a few different angels used and a slightly different photography style.

Vess and I just came back from an etsy merchandising event, which featured one of the top managers from etsy coming down to Australia to speak to Australian esty owners on how to expand their store and gain increased sales and customers. We attended the event through Frankie, which gave us complimentory tickets which our best friend Rach Defoe, amazingly won!

Despite not owning an etsy store myself (and I’m sure from the event, I am now, more than equiped to start one!) I personally gained alot of insight about marketing your own brand, trying to be part of the online community and creating a story, with which your customers are invited to connect with. Sorry, if I bore you guys with my slight marketing spill! (Strangely enough these things  excite me!)

Thankyou to my wonderful friends who have commented on our blog! Like I always say, it means the world to me to get your feedback to connect with our readership! Also, what do you guys think of us, importing some of our previous posts? Cause I’m a bit sad that our archives feel a bit empty at the moment! 🙂

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Have a lovely rest of the week guys!

Thanks so much for being such avid followers of BPS!

Can’t wait to show you guys some more pics soon!

Love always!