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Hello dear friends and lovely readers!

Val here blogging some fashion photography photos. I am a tad sad, because I really wanted Vess to write for this post. Just because I love reading her writing and seeing what things speak out to her from my photos. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and encouraging words on our past posts!

Really means alot, I know it doesn’t seem like much to write a comment, but even the smallest bit of encouragement always makes my day! Thankyou so much for taking that small effort to make a big impact!

These photos were taken at the Canterbury gardens close to our house on a gloomy Summer day (thats’ Melbourne for you) with slight drizzle and overcast skies we were prancing around the garden armed with an umbrella, props and a car windscreen protector (to use as a light reflector! Seriously such a great and cheap substitute!) Featured in this post is the gorgeous and amazing Maddy. She is so stunning and  such a fantastic model, she kept posing even when the skies threatened to open up on us and kept smiling beautifully even though the wind was freezing.

Not sure if you guys can tell, but these photos were greatly inspired by the Lana Del Rey album cover art and some of her amazing photo shoots. My dear friends, Dana, Nina and Maddy included, love Lana Del Rey and her music. To be honest, I appreciate her music, but my heart lies with her photo shoots and creative direction (I told Dana last night, she is opitomizes the American Dream). If you guys haven’t already, take the time to check out some of her photoshoots. They are stunning.


IMG_8923 copy copy
IMG_8931ligt copy copy

IMG_8933 copy valcopy



The last and first photo would have to be my favourite,

Thankyou so much Maddy, you are increadible and so beautiful! Thankyou for bearing with the rain and cold !

More photos soon!

Love Always 



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Good morning to all! Hope you woke up today anticipating desires, dreams and disasters and that today will bring a a number or a small portion of those.

Here’s a new illustration for you to enjoy and ponder. Graphite and Gouche in my little sketch pad. (made my paper crinkly…) And by the way, graphite is just a fancy way of saying, I used a pilot pacer.

It’s a bit whimsy and fun and pink. It’s a illustration of one of Romance was Born pieces from MercedesBenz Fashion Week 2013. I just saw so much of it in my instagram and on blogs and I just fell in love and knew I had to draw it! Romance was Born are so much fun and incredible at what they do. Inspiration comes from everywhere and truly they produce pieces that no one has ever seen before.

Such a joy to paint with pink and such and enjoyable task for a saturday morning.

RWB 2013

With Love


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I want to let Vess write about her work, but I have a feeling she’ll be too shy to say too much about it.

Above, is a piece she had to do for uni, (she’s studying graphic design, so cool right?) which was, if I remember correctly, a self promotional project. Something which details aspects about yourself. It’s such a cute little piece of work and I persoanlly think it includes so many great and fun aspects of Vess’ character and little quirks. Such as; (if you look at the poster above) “People think I am; silly, chatty, vague, friendly, adorkable’

She’s such an amazing, poetic and beautiful person who I am more than blessed to have as a twin, sister and best friend. I love how Vess always can communicate so well through her writing and her design is amazing. I guess being a designer or anyone creative (I do this as well) we tend to sometimes second guess our work or never really realise how wonderful it actually it is. And sometimes we need to take a step back and look at it through another’s eyes. I think it’s a wonderful thing if we are able to take a moment to enjoy our work, I know God did the same when making the universe and everything in it. “On the seventh day he rested””And  He saw that it was GOOD” LOVE THAT! To be honest, why does God, of all people need  to stop and take a step back to simply enjoy his creativity? He potentially could have kept making more things, but no, he chose to take a stop and  rest and enjoy his work.

I suggest for those creatives out there, take some time and do the same.

Each of us are so individually and uniquelly gifted, keep striving for your dreams but don’t forget to look back to see what you’ve accomplished!

Wow, so many words, not enough pictures…..

Next post will be more pictures I promise!


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Hi Guys!

It’s been such wonderful Autumn mornings in Melbourne and sometimes we are blessed with the occasional warm weather days! Last friday happened to be one of those special days, so I took the opportunity to shoot one of the many dresses which mum has made. This dress was made with a vintage dress pattern and from the most loveliest of floral fabrics. It’s such a flattering cut, especially the lower waist line, which sort of slims down the torso. I really want to encourage mum to start a etsy store so you guys can enjoy these beautiful dresses too. (Maybe if you guys show her she has demand for it she may provide?)  Despite the amazingness of wearing handmade dresses, the best part of the whole experience is watching my mum get so excited and enthused when doing some thing she loves. She will always have such a large smile on her face every time we wear one of her creations and she gets so motivated when you place beautiful fabrics infront of her.

At the very bottom I included one of my favourity photos of my parents which I took on the day. They are two such special people, who have taught me alot about serving God, glorifying Jesus and reaching my fullest potential. Just a little side note, these photos of me, were taken by mum (almost like my own human tripod) I would set the shot up for her and she would help me take it. It was quite fun and I personally think she got something out of it too!

IMG_1986 copy copy IMG_1955 copy copy IMG_1981 copy copy IMG_1980 copy copy IMG_1982 copy copy IMG_1951 copy copy

And thankyou again for the wonderful feedback for our blog and family portraits. We have had quite a few friends approach us for family portraits or some family photography. And I would like to tell you guys that we would LOVE to do it for you!

Just call us up or let us know and we can arrange something.

Let us be apart of telling your stories.

IMG_1932 copy copy

Have a lovely day!


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Presenting the beautiful Ashley, Ashley is Viv’s friend from primary school and I believe they have been friends since kinder or some very cute age like that! These shots were taken in the park at around 8pm, with very dim lighting and probably not the best shooting conditions. Hopefully a little bit of filters improved  the bad lighting but hopefully can do another shoot soon.

Ash is such a gorgeous girl, inside and out and she has such fantastic modelling skills. Pretty much any picture I took of her came out amazing, just cause she is such a beautiful girl. Honestly, having been a model myself, I know how intimidating or insecure it can be to allow another person ‘control’ over your image. Especially as I’m more use to being behind the camera it’s pretty difficult to get me to relax. While for Ash, she was a complete natural in front of the camera (as cliche as it sounds).

Here’s a repost of a mini shoot I did at our local park on a warm summer evening.

Ashley is such a gorgeous model (as it says in the above description!) can’t wait to do more shoots together in the future.
Wishing for more of those warm summer evenings again.