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WinterStripes_3 copy



blazer: salvos ($10) shirt: camberwell market ($7.50) skirt: valleygirl ($10), watch: fossil (gift!) shoes: windsor smith ($$$$$$)

Hey loves and lovelies.

Much love to you all. Here’s a little fashion to keep you going through your day. A bit of wanderlust and a bit of glitter really never hurt anyone. That was what Val was thinking when she bought these boots. The glorious shine and shimmer proved to be too much for her and those glittering booties found themselves a new home in her wardrobe. Hope you guys are going well with everything! It’s getting near the end of the semester (university wise anyways) and I really want to encourage you lot who are studying. Just do it! You can do it! You will do it! v&v cheering you on till the final exam!

In regards to this fushia and purple and navy infused outfit Val is wearing. The rocking plaid blazer is from salvos (thrift store) a little advice, op shops, best place to get some amazing jackets for super cheap! This blazer was just $15! And if you’re wondering about the dollar signs… shoes, calling out in all it’s glittery glory, a bit pricy but totally worth it.

Go and make some brave outfit choices! Glitter, plaid, fushia! If Val and make this outfit work, go forth and do more great outfit combos! Share your blogs and your own winter looks in the comments below, we love getting winter inspiration from everyone and I’m sure you all have great advice to share!

With love and glitter and everything nice


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Hey there wanderers and wonderers.

I am hoping that this post finds you well, and that if you are in Melbourne, you will find yourself next to a heater, a warm blanket or with a warm cup of tea. It is hitting monumental temperatures of pure icy coldness in Melbourne. Yes, large exaggeration. Other parts of the world have it much worst!

What helps me the cold weather, is my large warm table eight trench coat that I had conveniently found in my closet a couple of years ago. Perhaps it was given as a gift, perhaps it was purchased my mother, or perhaps my wardrobe decided to bless me with a coat to protect me from the rages of winter.

However it got into my possession, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it does the job and does it well! The cardigan (such a great bright red colour!) Val got from the local camberwell market, the top is from the op shop and those pants are probably the most expensive piece in my outfit. I bought them from edge and their from the label all about eve. Awesomely highwaisted they provide me with a bit of an edgy look with the Sandra Dee leather detailing.

Hope you have a beautiful Monday and a beautiful start to the week. Stay strong and warm in all you do!

With Love and Hugs and Hot Chocolate Vibes



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IMG_2120 copy copy


IMG_2112 copycopy IMG_2131 copy IMG_2161 copy copy

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IMG_2116 copy IMG_2130 copy

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Hello friends,

How breath taking are these images that Val and our amazing Sarah have created? I’ve really no words to say! But I will attempt to add an additionaly accompanying narrative to these gorgeous shots. I suppose what came to me when I was looking at these images was the quiet wistfulness, the joyous play, the burst of colour as the holy poweder sprayed elegantly around Sarah’s shoulders.

The imagery that Val and Sarah produced are just a snippet of whats to come. If you want to know something interesting, both Sarah and Val aren’t models or photography students. They are both doing Commer/Arts at the same university! Isn’t it amazing that a desire to create beauty, appreciate beauty, capture beauty is not restricted to any type of person. It’s actually incredible when there are people who go out of thier way to find things they love to make, make it and make it wonderful.
Wonderufl job ladies, theirs only great things to come!



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TheWoman_4 small

Hello Friends of Big Picture Stuff!

Today in Melbourne we were blessed with sun shine! Which, may I tell you, is kind of rare for us especially in the Autumn months!

Here is a really quick illustration that I did last week. This is really my first time ever trying to use photoshop to colour in my fashion illustrations, so I will continue to attempt and learn and try to get a style that I’m happy with. The illustration is from a black and white vintage photo I stumbled on on the web.

It took about an hour of casual sketching in my notebook, an hour colouring on photoshop, and then about half an hour to finish it off by placing the texture in the background. Still practicing! You can see some process shots from below, original sketch on the left and some thumbnails of possible rendering solutions.


That’s a bit of fashion and pretty pictures for your week, it’s a crazy second last week of uni for Val and I, so bear with us as we attempt to keep up with blogging and pass our uni degrees!

Thanks guys!

with love


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IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2607 copy
IMG_2608 copy
IMG_2615 copy IMG_2617 IMG_2614 copy

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Taken last week on Mother’s day, I thought it would be fun to do a quick post in the park.

Key features of this outfit would have to be the dress and the belt. Surprisingly none of the items in this outfit, besides the shoes were bought recently. The blue dress, which is such a gorgeous and striking colour was thrifted at a Retro star warehouse sale (best and worst experience, so many choices!), retro star is a shop in Melbourne city which sells vintage and second pieces and some epic floral shorts! The belt was gifted to us by one of mum’s friends who surprisingly has ALOT of designer brands. We have 3 christian dior dresses from her so far, still figuring out how to wear them!  I really love the belt though, it’s so unique and has such charm to it.

On another note Vess and I were lucky enough to be featured on the amazing photography blog of Mandy Faith which you can see below.

I personally found Mandy’s beautiful blog from instagram (she has quite the following) and I fell instantly in love with her pastel, whimsical and quirky shots of people and key items in her life. She has such an eye for the beauty in the little things and each of her photographs look like it came from a professional magazine or Europe travel guide. She’s such a talented blogger and she is extremely consistent with her posting! (I aspire to be the same) and we felt so blessed and amazing to grace the pages of her beautiful blog.

Have a look to see Big Picture Stuff’s first feature and to admire (and follow) Mandy’s beautiful photography!






Signing off now before my fingers freeze off. Typing on a keyboard in cold weather really slows down functionality. I really feel that my fingers are typing at half speed!

With love