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June 2013

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“I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”
-William Wordsworth
Quite often in times of solitude and quiet reflection, beauty can emerge from the reflective nature of our minds. From the past couple of weeks, I’ve been looking inward to my personal thoughts, feelings and actions. Also, looking backwards to the previous year, where I was then as opposed to where I am now. Life changes, evolves and maneours. Feelings are turbulent to change and thoughts rapidly alter. Sometimes we can feel alone in our personal endavours, especially if the maze of life seem completely unnavitagable. But it’s a maze that’s not to be taken alone. On reflection on the past year to the happiest times of my life, I realised that my most joyful moments were when I was surrounded by beloved family and friends, enjoying life and not worrying too much.
To love and to be loved is a craving our hearts so desire. To love visably and intentionaly, to love freely and expressively, to love quietly and constantly.
This love surrounds, and it rewards. And soon very soon, you’ll soon find yourself with a crowd of sweet frangant blooms and warm dancing heart.
With love and flowers and winter sunbeams
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Hey there loves and lads

Theres no denying it, I find it hard to look good on camera.

I know what you all are thinking, these narcissistic twins just taking pictures of themselves all the time. They probably practice posing at home… Well, you’re half right, we do take pictures of each other all the time, but I hope we don’t seem narcissistic!

The main reason we love doing this is because we love taking great pictures and are inspired by the photography of the greats, such as cecil beaton, annie leibovitz and those young up an coming, julia trotti and nirrimi Their work is beautiful and can I tell you, Val is so into it. You can just check out her pinterest to see that she is obsessed with beautiful photography.

Well, all photo needs a subject, and conveniently , Val has a twin sister to boss around. (I kid, I’m totally willing to help her out!) She tells me to: “pushh your hair back, lean into the fence, look up, tilt your face slightly” and the funniest one “you look so tired today, hm, close your mouth, close you eyes and look down…”

That’s basically it dear readers. I know what you’re all thinking, why on earth does this young lady subject herself to this autocratic dominion? I’ll tell you why, because Val has the ability to use the lighting, use the surroundings and you her subject to make the most beautiful and desirable picture possible. That’s why. I trust in her vision, trust in her eye and trust in the final result, as it is always, amazing.

That’s got me thinking, perhaps a part of the creative process is trust and faith… but that’s got to be another blog post.

With love and fun times












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Not sure if you have experienced these moments of peace, calmness and thankfulness. Where you sit and simply reflect about all the wonderful things in your life. I have much to be thankful for, a wonderful family, beautiful friends and an awesome God who loves me with an unconditional love. It’s amazing, terrifying and empowering, all at the same time, to know that a God so massive, can love such small people such as ourselves. We watched a movie last night, called ‘Undaunted’ which was about a renown preacher and his testimony, its such a tragic, yet hopeful story, where he came from abuse and bitterness, to forgiveness and grace and love, through Jesus Christ. Something that stood out to me, was that he said ‘even if I was the only person on this earth, I know that Jesus would still die for me’.  Wow.

Anywho’s that’s my biblical musings for today! The above photos were taken with Sarah from our last photo shoot of dwindling lights and gorgeous holi powder. This shoot didn’t really have much of a plan, we just decided to roll with what we had, and let our creativity guide us. I love these images. The calmness and the stillness within the photos is something which holds such special value to me. Even thought the images may be grainy and have quite a bit of noise, I think it adds to it’s simplicity.

Can’t wait to do more shoot soon!

And on another note, Vess and I are going to JAPAN!

More information on that in our next post, where I tell you about stop motion, breaking my phone and our future travel plans!

With Love and Excitement


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 Hey there dudes!

I don’t have much to say today, but will just be sharing some lettering I did for a recent uni project that was about food, noodles and longevity… I made a video with text layered on top, I’ll  share the vid with you guys at a later stage.

Well, because I likely like sharing and because I likely like you… I made some really quick renderings of them in illustrator for you to enjoy and viola! Now you have some snazzy lettering pick me ups to encourage you in whatever you’re doing today, tomorrow and next week.

In other news, has anyone seen Star Trek? I’m wanting to see it after uni is over. For a number of different reasons… I kinda want to watch it because I loved the first one, but more so because Sherlock (aka Mr Cumberbatch)  is doing cray crazy things in the second.

With Love and letters, Live Long and Prosper


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Hope that all of you are having a absolutely gorgeous week, or having a beautiful start to the weekend. But lets cut the small talk and get to the good stuff shall we? We are so pleased to bring you these images that Val took of me (Vess!) that evoke and carry a sense of mystery, tradition and elegance. I’ve been reading the memiors of the amazing creative director of Vogue, Grace Coddington, and I must say that it provides great insights to her life, Vogue, her ideas of beauty and its also a very entertaining read. One thing that stood out to me was her ability to remember what she wore in piviotal moments in her life. Who she was wearing, what it was and why she was wearing it.

I can relate to that idea of clothes as costume. Not in the sense of trying to cover up or hide something, but in the sense of letting the clothes envelope you as part of its history, its story, its “life”. This dress, I bought in a vintage shop hidden in one of the many laneways of the city of Venice. My darling friend Glonaida and I spent nearly an hour in this quaint vintage store. The small Italian lady who owned it wasn’t  paying any mind to us and our exclaimations of delight in what we saw was a trove of vintage loveliness. I love the emboridry at the collar, the way it comes in at the waist, the soft upturned sleeves. There is a beauty that it carries and a beauty that I love slipping on.

More images coming, more thoughts to read and more stories to tell. We anticipate and welcome it, because, haha, winter’s coming.

With Love and anticipation.