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Hey there guys!

Here’s some photos which we took at a temple in Kyoto, called Nanzen-ji temple which is, according to wikipedia, one of the five great zen temples of Kyoto. This day, we chose to take public transport because our bottoms were quite sore from bike riding around Kyoto.

My most favourite thing about visiting temples and such in Japan, would have to be the surrounding gardens, which have such ancient and beautiful trees that frame the people and the place in such beauty and  serenity.

We probably spent more time examining the gardens and enjoying the shade from the hot sun than within the temples themselves.

Being on this journey, has been so amazing, and I truly cannot believe that Vess and I have been  in Japan for nearly over a week, and soon will be returning to Melbourne for the start of our university semester. It’s so surreal to think that once we return, our experiences may simply become pleasurable memories which we learn from and apply to new situations our to our own stories.

On a quick note, thankyou to all the wonderful feedback we received from the blog post of our glorious friend, Cheryl.
I would like to make two quick special mentions of two dear friends, Chole and Maddy, who told me that they actually bought some of Cheryl’s beautiful pieces at the Boxhill market the other week. Both of them were amazed at how small the world was and to have seen Cheryl on our blog. For me, it was awesome to hear the amazement and wonder in their words as they described what a coincidence it was for them to have made a connection between these beautiful pieces and the person behind them.

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Will be posting more soon,

and just before I go, I wanted to  do another shout out to my dear blogger friend Mandy Faith, who’s work I admire so much.

To have her encourage us in our own work, is such a compliment and so humbling.

Have a look at her blog, if you love Europe and beautiful pictures.

-keep being you-


{written by Val}



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Vess wears: Vintage Dress from Camberwell Market
Val wears: Custom made Dress in Vintage Pattern

Hey there darlings and deers.

Just yesterday we went to visit Nara, which is one hour from Kyoto! We went there because we herd (I’ll stop with the deer puns!) that Nara was famous for their deers. So we hopped onto the train determined to find ourselves some deers! However, I do think that we got more than we bargained for. There are, simply put, so many deers in Nara Park! Seeing the picturesque setting, we took the opportunity to do some outfit post and feed some deer whilst we were at it! At first we were a bit scared of the deers largely due to this sign that said in bold letters deers are wild animals. They were actually turned out to be quite lovely, just a bit too mischievous and little too eager when it came to food. We spent a good 20 minutes watching people get followed/mobbed but a group of around 5 deers because they knew they had food!

Anywho, we’re off to Osaka today! Heard the food there is absolutely stunning, so we’ll give you some photos of that when we can!

With Love and spots and we love you deerly 


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Having been in Japan for a total of seven days, its beginning to feel as if we’ve experienced, seen, eaten and journeyed through so many different things. These quick photos were taken in a crossing at The fashion Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

We found ourselves here, in a frantic search for an ATM which would accept our master card. My Japan travel tip for today, if you are planning on using a travel card, master cards are limited as they are not accepted in most convenience stores and local ATMs. But can be used in shops which take eftpos and in Citibank atms(which aren’t as common but findable!).

It’s been awesome to see our Japan Adventure following on Facebook through our many friends and family! The photos which I’ve been uploading, have simply been taken on my iphone(given to me by my dad when I broke my Samsung!)with a couple of filters provided by Facebook.

I was telling Vess today how I was so overwhelmed at the amount of things and photos which I want to share with you all! (If I showed you all the pictures, we’ll be posting about Japan for the next year!) so ill try to be as selective, inspiring and informative as possible with what I decide to post!(But there’s so much, that I contemplated making another blog for travel photos!)

Will be posting more soon!

Have a wonderful day lovely friends!





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Here at big picture stuff we love a number of things that delight, surprise and bring us complete and utter joy. You know that feeling. That feeling when you encounter a gift that someone a has meticulously chosen for you which suits you perfectly, or when you spot that one item in a store that you feel is so clever and so darling that for that moment you believe in love in first sight. Miss Kiyomi encompasses all this and more. We were amazed at the cuteness and the loveliness that each of Miss Kiyomis’ hand crafted goodies  held. Designed and made with skill, from tote bags to cards, there’s a bit of lovely for everybody. So head to Miss Kyomis etsy store and spend some time there and you won’t be disappointed.

MissKiyomi is a cat-loving 80-year-old granny trapped in a 24-year-old body. Doctor by day, crafter by night, MissKiyomi is inspired by medicine, God and her cat. Her wares are her simple little ways of raising funds and awareness for causes she believes in

With love and craft and wonder
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Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to chance upon special individuals, who have compelling stories of wondrous strength. On one  warm winter’s morning, we journeyed to a special individual’s home  to hear a story of sadness and hope. For often the greatest stories are ones, where , despite unforseen adversary, one proceeds to live with an admirable, wonderful and simply amazing strength and tenacity.

All too often within life, stories take an unfortunate turn and we  feel that the next chapter leaves us hanging or that our life story remains unwritten. Where we turn the corner and we accidentally find a stop in the road, or we begin travelling  on our journey but find ourselves back to where we started.

For Cheryl; her road and journey was was finshing her medicine degree and starting her career  as a doctor. And her stop in the road.

Breast Cancer.

As she told us her story, we heard of her initial shock and disbelief, and the pain felt by those who loved her when she told them. She recounted the treatments and visits to her doctor, and the long days where she had absolutely no strength but only  deep and burdened weariness. Such times were taken slowly with endurance with the support of her boyfriend, her family and her friends. As she shared her story, she told us that many times she felt as if she was standing alone at this stop in the road.  Moments of aloneness, where the tunnel seemed endless, the blockage; no way out, the valley; deep and cavernous.

As we sat by Cheryl’s window, with the sun brightening  her face she smiled and told us:

“I felt I was in the valley, but actually, I was between two mountains. On a plank. Only large for one person.”
“I was taking the journey across from one side to another but I knew wasn’t alone.”

Life at times presents us with impossible situations, but there is always a plan, always hope. We find that actually there is an underpass to the stop to the road, or we discover beauty we had yet to see in the journey. For Cheryl, the beauty for her, was her deep love for things and a desire to create. A handful of tote bags, many cards, some crochet, knitting and numerous amounts of owls later, Miss Kyomi was created. A series of products made out of a desire to make, create and design to raise funds for a project in a community in Cambodia.

What struck us most about talking with Cheryl was not so much with her ordeal, but we were amazed with the strength and resolutions of which she had decided to live her life. She laughed with ease, talked with joy and hoped and planned steadily for the future. She knew that those moments were on a portion of a chapter and the next page only held greater more wonderous adventure.

Thank you Cheryl for sharing your journey with us and thank you for inspiring us with your story. We adore everything you do and cannot wait to see the lives that you will touch, help and inspire with your life, love and story.