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A photo series developed during my four week study period in Prato Italy.

This series was developed from my images taken from Prato, Florence and Pisa, I was really captured by the silhouettes made by sculptures and architecture. Italy, the cultural hub of the renaissance, design, art and architecture was one of the most beautiful places in the world.  However, as I’m not one to play favourites, I do believe that in every city there is something unique and beautiful in each of them to make them special. And if you’re having trouble finding that beauty, look up.

Sometimes, beauty can be found not in new spaces, but in new perspectives. So crane your neck upward, lie flat on your back, cast your eyes above, renew your perspective and see things in a new way.


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china girls

IMG_4983 IMG_5130 IMG_5025 IMG_5194 IMG_5106 IMG_5066 IMG_5013 IMG_5155 IMG_5170


‘A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.’ – Jim Morrison 

As promised here are a larger set of photos from the photo shoot that I did with these darling group of friends. It was my dear friend Alex who actually approached me to take photos for her and her group of friends from her uni Chinese class. I affectionately called this post ‘china girls’ simply because these ladies grew in their friendship on an exchange trip to China. I don’t think they would have bonded or connected in any other way except for their studies in Chinese. (One plus for learning Chinese, you can make lifelong and amazing friends!)

Friendship is such a beautiful and amazing thing. It empowers, supports, brings life and hope to any situation and makes life so much more amazing!

So dear friends of BPS, and our close friends, thankyou so much for being such dear friends to us.

Even though sometimes we forget to say it, we really really really appreciate who you are in our lives!

let someone know that they are special to you today!




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Hello there friends!

I’ve managed to distract myself from my uni work by revisiting some of these photos which I took of a couple of dear friends a couple of months ago. It was a group shoot with Alex, (who is featured here) and her friends from Chinese. I can’t really remember how we organised this shoot, but I am so glad we did! I managed to get a couple of lovely shots of these amazing group of girlfriends, who’s love for languages and an exchange trip to China really solidified their friendship.

Hope you guys are doing well, sorry again for the lack of posts, need to get ontop of that!

Keep posting on our fb wall/comment to encourage us to post. Sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way!

Expect four to five more posts with pictures from this shoot in the next few days (resulting as a form of procrastination from my uni work)

Be lovely, be inspired, be wonderful



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A Little Sweet

IMG_0486 IMG_0492 IMG_0506IMG_0496IMG_0507IMG_0493



Some more fashion posts brought your way! We’ve been blessed with burst of warm spring weather down here in Melbourne, but as quickly as it comes, it leaves just as fast! The dress I bought together with our darling mother down in the Camberwell shopping district. We saw a pop up shop and went a little crazy buying all these dresses! But I’m sure glad I did! This particular little black dress has as satin shift covered in that gorgeous lace. What I love specifically is that it has V shaped back. Which we forgot to take a picture of here, sorry guys! Will do it soon to show you.

Also, I’ve never really worn statement glasses before, but when I saw this frames in Japan, I couldn’t say no! Bright fun and sassy, it kind of reminds me of one of my favourite fasionistas, Edna Mode.

Finally, on a design nerd sort of note, the flag I’m holding in the last image was designed by awesome illustrators/designers Always with Honour. I was actively stalking/drooling over their work the past week and was overjoyed to find it hanging outside of the most lovely shop! The Woodsfolk is a gorgeous place that everyone must frequent! We forgot to take pictures of the shop but check out the feature Lucy from The Design Files did on it.

Thats all for today lovelies!

With all things lovely sweet and kind




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Windy Weather

IMG_5732 copy IMG_5727 copy IMG_5742 copy IMG_5733 copy IMG_5726 copy IMG_5730 copy IMG_5747 copy

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Ah, shall we have a break from Japan pics? (Don’t worry, I have a post idea to display the wonder of Disneyland into the world of BigPictureStuff!) These pictures were taken before our trip to Japan and if I remember correctly, during a very windy winter afternoon. Taken on top of the car park of Westfield Doncaster on a day when the sun was perfect.

Within this post, I’m wearing a top from the op shop, mustard scarf from Italy (I think Vess got it for 3 Euro!), pants from Dotti ($10!) and shoes from Myers. Very much a greenish sort of day for me. My favourite part of this outfit is definately the green shirt. Collared shirts, are seriously my one love when it comes to fashion. One can never have enough collared shirts. They look great with jumpers, cardigans, with jeans, skirts, shorts, pretty much everything! My only worry is that I’ll look back at my old photos and think that I dressed like a young lad. But, I can live with that.

Like I said before, it was a really windy day. So you can see some epic wind swept hair action in some of these shots. Very fun!

Hope the weather is very well, where you are our lovely readers!