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October 2013

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Lovely Lace

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Am I allowed to call you friends yet? Am I too keen? Are we moving too fast?

I don’t care, I’m loving all your lovely words of encouragement. That’s more than enough for me to count you as my new friends!

Livia here again today; stuck in the middle of exam stress and procrastination galore. That means countless ‘breaks’ to the toilet, pantry, fridge, bed… And of course, writing this blog post!

There is just something so elegant about lace… A current obsession of mine, you’ll definitely find a lot of pieces in my wardrobe with lace detailing. I try to keep my eye out for unique lace designs that err on the side of conservative and classic, because that’s just my style…

But I think it also brings a sense of timelessness to an outfit rather than just another trend that we’ll look back on in a few years time and think, ‘WHAT DA HECK AM I WEARING?’.

I paired this girly crochet lace top with a pair of flowy grey trousers, and wore my silver brogues from Zara to ever so slightly make the outfit more ‘masculine’, contrasting the lace top. And to top it all off, I just had to add a slim holographic belt to match my shoes!

What do you luvalies think of it all?

I think it’s best to get back to study now (maybe a lengthy toilet break first), but writing to you all was a welcome break from all this exam stress!

Until next time,

Livia xo



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Livia here, with my first ever blog post on Big Picture Stuff, and first ever post in the blogsphere! EEEK, cross your fingers and wish me luck (maybe hold my hand, too)…

The lovely Vess and Val sweetly invited me to do this collab with them (can’t stop telling them how wonderful they are, probably sick of me by now haha), and also asked me to write posts with the accompanying pictures. So here we go!

Let me start off with an Oh MY GOSH. When the peplum came on trend last year I died and went to heaven… So classy and chic, my love for an emphasised waistline and a woman’s curves was epitomised with a few extra ruffles added to the waist of a top, dress or skirt!

And although the peplum has been slightly overdone now, there are still ways that I’m embracing this extra material around my waist. I am completely loving gigantic, over the top peplums, peplums that lie lower in flippy skirts and dropped waists of dresses, origami peplums, and last but not least, PEPLUM PANTS!

I paired these blue peplum pants (you’ll never guess where from) with a gorgeous beige high neck top, which I could pull together with the blue accents in the leaves of the floral design in the top. It’s personally one of my favourite outfits, with just the right amount of eye capturing blue and preppy style to it, not to mention the unexpected peplum detail on my pants! What do you guys think?

That’s it from me for now, hoping that I did an okay job. Permission to uncross your fingers and unhold my hand and wipe them off (sorry I get sweaty palms). Until next time,

Signing off,

Livia xo


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twins tshirt




twins-INCREASE YOUR CHANCES--01twins-a world of twins--01


Often seen as some strange phenomenon; twins have fascinated and enthralled society for generations. Highlighting some truths and exposing some myths, this infographic also was applied to a “twin brand” which offered guaranteed “instant twinship”.

We’ve really been spreading the twin love over here at big picture stuff! Happy that I can share this SEEING DOUBLE poster that I made all about twins! If you want to read the full poster, just click it and it’ll open in another browser. Glad that we can bring you some twin general knowledge!



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IMG_8026 copy


Everything that you ever wanted to know about twins is now fully accessible to you via this info graphic and t-shirt, which you yourself can own!

I actually made this for my university project as I had to make a poster of an information design. After weeks of deliberation and debate on what I should do for my topic, I went with Twins in the end. Primarily because I am a twin, and I also because it seemed fun. And it so totally was! I’ll share full infographic with you tomorrow (having some uploading problems) but here is the image that’s printed on the tee for all of you who were interested in what the tshirt actually said!


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bloom copy

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“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins. ” 

Hello lovely friends!

I am very excited to share with you guys some work that Vess has been working on for her folio.
Seriously, she is honestly so amazing at what she does in terms of her graphics, illustrations and typography. I could not have asked for a more talented sister.

It was quiet a ‘twinful’ month for me these past few weeks. I celebrated a few of my dear friend’s birthday’s, three of them who are also twins ! I also found a piece of writing that I did for English in year 9 about twins yesterday when cleaning the house. In this piece of writing, I wrote about the interesting emotions and feelings that one has as a twin. That you have someone constantly there for you, supporting you and willing to journey through life with you. I have been honestly so blessed with a twin sister, someone I can share clothes with, share my stress, share petrol costs and share …pretty much my whole life with.

These shirts Vess made as part of a uni project. Which is an extension of a brief which required her to make an infographic. I’ll try to post it in another post (cause it’s so amazing) it deserves it’s own post.

Thankyou for all the support on facebook as well lovely friends.

We have already had a couple orders on these tshirts!

Below is our limited edition twin shirt deal!!

$25 (plus postage) each-


$50 (plus postage) for 2 tshirts and a FREE POSTER-

Guaranteed awesome twinness, handmade and packaged with love! 

Give us a message on our facebook page, if you are really keen to get one for YOU and YOUR TWIN! (Or even you and someone that you reckon looks like you, or you want to make your twin)

And would love to get shots of our friends and their twins on our blog wearing the shirts.

So please, let us know!

Enjoy !

‘Twice as much to love, two blessings from above.’