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Words have so much power and has the amazing ability to build up and to tear down. Both Vess and I love using our gifts of creativity to bring about some joy, encouragement, love and support to friends and those around us. Here, the recipients of Vess’ creativity were her uni lecturers and tutors, who she said many thanks and goodbye to in her final days.

She made these with her own typography skills and water colour epicness.

I personally love typography. Vess gave me a book about lettering and typography for Christmas and I adore it! Typography has the wonderful ability to add depth to words and further emphasis their meanings. Quotes and messages which have been drawn with the designer’s or typographer’s own hand have such uniqueness and speciality  as it holds an element of their own handwriting and style. For myself, I am always mentioning to Vess that I feel that words and letters have their own characteristics. For example I always felt that the letter R and S were a funny pair and that the E and F were little buddies.

I’m sure there are many of you who share my adoration of typography and calligraphy! (Or it may just be me who adds qualities to letters!)

Encourage you guys today to use your words to bring up your situations! Or even try to make sure to only say positive things. It can really change how you view a situation.

Like a friend recently told me, “Val, stop worrying about all the bad things that might not even happen, look and enjoy all the great things that you have now!”

So feel free to share these pics on a friends facebook wall!

You never know, may make their day or night just that little bit brighter!

love you guys




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Hello lovelies!

It’s amazing how much I appreciate nature these days, compared to when I was a young’un and hated going to the local park. My brother, cousins and I would moan and groan about going to the aptly named ‘Dog Poo Park’, but these days I find myself appreciating the scenery (and lack of animal excrement, actually). It’s such a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle and craziness of life, and our so-called first world problems.

Not only that, but I’m finding so much beauty just in our local neighbourhood, in the front yards of strangers’ houses. I recall Val telling me how she has to resist the urge to jump in people’s gardens to take photos! For this set of photos, Val and I went wandering about the streets of our neighbourhood and found a perfectly leafy vine wall, and worry not people, we remained on public land the whole time! Criminals, we are not.

I absolutely adore this rosy blouse I got from Zara. Call me a grandma, but the rose sofa print of it drew me in and consequently, I became enthralled with its beauty. With its mix of red and pink, colours that I’ve found aren’t the most complimentary with one another in the past, this top is the epitome of my love of florals, and gosh… isn’t the world just so pretty sometimes that we can print it onto a blouse for Zara to sell to the average fashion conscious consumer like me?!

I paired this blouse with a pinky peach pair of shorts, which somewhat matched the colours in the top, and threw on a cute pair of shoes in the same colour with a silver heel. I love these shoes so much; they’re so preppy and also incorporate a currently trending ankle strap

That’s it from me for now, encouraging the rest of you to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and flowers and trees and leaves and… dog poo.

Hoping you’re all safe and happy over Christmas and New Year!

Much love,








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Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Now despite Christmas being a time for family, numerous house visits, only time of year you eat turkey, and trips to over crowded shopping centres, it is, in it’s essence, a holiday that is just all about that four letter word, love.

One of my favourite Christmas carols of all time is “Have Yourself A Little Christmas”. I think it has something to do with the jazzy tune, the simple wish of blissful times and potentially because indie queen, Zooey Deschanel, sings it beautifully on her She & Him Christmas album. But it really has to do with my favourite lines “faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us once more.” Our Christmas Eve and our Christmas day was filled with just that, family, friends and food. As we passed the potatoes around the table and moved the salad from one hand to the next, it was so wonderful to look around our table and feel blessed to see new friends and old friends. People who we had journeyed and done life with. People who had supported us, loved us and given us the greatest gift: the gift of friendship and love. We shared stories with each other, sang Christmas carols loud enough for the whole street to hear, and we made new memories to cherish for the years to come.

Now we hope that you too had a blessed Christmas with friends and family, and that you had time to reflect with thankfulness for this Christmas season. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, our beautiful friends of BPS. And all praise and glory to God for giving us the most glorious gift of all, his son in a manager.

Merry Christmas!




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purple rain

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Hello darling friends.

For our local friends in Melbourne I hope you survived the 40 degree day we endured today, on one of the rare hot summer days of the Christmas season. And for friends in other parts of the world, I hope you are staying calm and cool, especially in the few days leading up to Christmas day! These photos were shot yesterday underneath a lovely grove of purple flowers which I had spied out while walking our dog.

The outfit Vess is wearing is extremely low budget. The two piece skirt and top were actually gifted to us from a family friend (how gorgeous does Vess look in this!), the sunglasses were gifted to Vess as well from the extremely lovely Kelly, who Vess has been interning for, for the pass few months. The strappy shoes were $15 from Kmart, bought while we were in Queensland. So, lesson, here is that, style doesn’t have to come at a cost. You can be stylish with what you have around you, which can reduce waste and consumption! (But don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for new clothes! Best feeling in the world!)

I’ve been spending alot of time behind the camera lately. With graduation photos and 21st photos, I never thought that I could be asked by such wonderful people to be apart of such special days. Nor did I imagine that others would like my work, be willing to approach me and wish to be apart of it. My photography, which started as an experiment to see how I could improve behind the camera, has now become an avenue for me to bless others with the gifts God has given me. For example the other day I took some photos for a friend’s graduation. I offered my services to other graduates who were also graduating with my friend. And together, much like a mini photoshoot we proceeded to take photos all together around Melbourne Uni. The gratitude which they conveyed in their voices after seeing some of my photos really touched my heart. For many of these graduates who had come to Melbourne from different countries, the day of their graduation not only signified an end to an academic year, but a beginning of new adventures and opportunities.

Thankyou to some lovely friends who have recently conveyed their love for BPS, Tiffany who spoke to me at a 21st and Anna who took the time to encourage both Vess and I and to let us know how much they enjoyed the photos and fashion here!

Happy Holidays !


p.s I really want to make a lovely signature much like Livia’s


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A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer’s morn —
A flask of Dew — A Bee or two —
A Breeze — a caper in the trees —
And I’m a Rose.
~Emily Dickson

We promised you more gorgeous images, and we like to keep out promises! Bright colours, sophistication, class with a sixites vibe, it’s all happening in these images. Such a beautiful outfit choice that we thought was so so lovely, this look worked perfectly in our location. We’ve doing an interview with the lovely Natasha soon, so please, if you have any questions or happen to know some awesome interview questions, leave us a comment! Meanwhile, you can learn more about this wonderful women from her: blogtwitter, facebook and check out her incredible book (yes she’s a published author!!) the website, goodreads or amazon. Natasha: inspirational and simply beautiful inside and out!