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2014 RECAP


Hello Friends

For our first post of 2015 we take look back on the past year and what an amazing year it was!

Looking back on 2014 we were blessed to work with a number of incredibles creatives; photographers, designers, illustrators, graphic designers and more. This year has been packed to the brim with simply awesome people, places, opportunities and blessings.

2014 saw a HUGE shift in our blog, our layout, our motivation and our direction. Both of us found that we didn’t want to simply focus on ourselves, but we wanted Big Picture Stuff  to focus on others and to have a BIGGER impact on the world.

Here’s just a few highlights of the year gone by.

This beautiful collaboration with the incredible Annie and Tammy from Method to Maya. We connected online and after much planning this was the result of our shared passion and shared love of creativity. We are so blessed to call them our dear friends. Shooting with the uber talented Yohan Liliyani with Adair Boutique was a huge highlight of the year. We contacted Yohan through email and she was so kind to shoot with us, just as she was about to leave to go back to Indonesia. We know that it won’t be the last time we see her and her amazing work!Earlier in the year, you may recall our first ever giveaway in a collaboration with our friends at The Hidden Socks Club shot by our dear friend Emerald. This was the first ever giveaway we held for our amazing followers! More to come in 2015Vess also collaborated with Livia Lai  from Lis for Olive , Photographer Natalie Tirant and Hannah Pho from K I N G D O M to shoot an exclusive feature for K I N G D O M to promote sustainable fashion.Shooting with Vanessa on top of the Westfield car park. Vess brought out her megababe look and style.Vess was able to use her design ability to create a unique tea towel wedding invitation for the beautiful Cheryl and Benson for their very Pinterest wedding! And who could forget the epic moment when we celebrated Vess’ graduation with a Bachelor of Visual Communication from Monash University.Six months in Europe was the highlight of Val’s year. Exploring and learning about the world and experiencing it’s beauty filled many posts through the months from January-July.

Despite being overseas Val posted regularly and shot some fashion posts overseas with the help of our childhood friend Rach Defoe. It was the first time shooting together and Rach did a pretty good job!

Val’s post on the Grand Budapest Hotel was also featured on Judy’s Vintage Fair and on Anntwackey Vintage’s facebook page where this stunning vintage dress was purchased. Val travelled to so many places in Europe and saw many incredible things. She also tried her hand at videography and made her first travel video while in Portugal. Big Picture Stuff created our first ever fashion film in collaboration with the gorgeous Alexia Petsinis where she wears Hugo Boss and HawkEye VintageVal further developed her photography skills by learning from David and Shobana Roberstons and Jonathon Ong at the amazing At Home Workshops where she met fellow creatives, photographers and dear friends.As soon as Val got back she got straight into  pursuing her dreams as a photographer and was so blessed to be a second photographer for the incredible Kim Cartmell from Hello Kimbo for Cheryl and Benson’s wedding.Vess’ favourite post of the year was our collaboration with blogger and makeup artist Livia Lai from LisforOlive. Combining watercolour, illustration and photography. This post was a reflection of Monet’s waterlilies and the creativity of Impressionist artists.

 IMG_0597 copy
Here’s my final note:

Coming back from the UK after six months of travelling, exploring, growing and learning made me so determined to pursue my passions of photography, art and design. Prior to exchange I felt unsure of my future career path and scared to look at the bigger picture in my life. Whilst travelling I met so many people who took risks and challenges to get to a place where they were truly living the dream. I came back to Melbourne with a new courage to make and create beautiful things and to reflect these courageous dreamers.

Back in Melbourne found that these courageous ones were all around us. At home, I found equally courageous risk takers, explorers and creatives. All who had a story to tell and a passion to share their lives.

That’s when our blog changed direction.

It was no longer just v&v, just the two of us, but a collective of inspiring and willing people who had the courage to create and change the world.


2014RECAP copy

We are so thankful for everyone of you! All our followers, friends and fellow creatives on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All of you make our journey so blessed and encourage us to continue to create more. If we could put you all on a giant collage with your names we would! 

In 2105 we want to be YOUR  cheer squad. Big Picture Stuff is for you.

We are for you when you need that bit of encouragement to continue kicking goals, chasing dreams and to have courage to create, dream and imagine.

We love you and can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us!

Love Always


(words by Val)

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  • Annie 04/01/2015 at 1:23 pm

    You guys are incredible! You’ve achieved so much awesome things and I feel so honoured to have been apart of it. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll create and do this year! We have to plan another shoot soon x

    • Val & Vess 04/01/2015 at 2:31 pm

      You and Tammy are our inspirations as well! We were looking at some of our favourite photographers such as Caitlin May and Nirrimi and was struck by the close friendships shared between so many of them. And we feel we have the same type of friendship! We’re so excited for 2015 and the creative things that we can create together!!

  • Livia 09/01/2015 at 2:02 pm

    So glad to have been a part of your creativity and year guys! Can’t describe how much you guys continue to inspire me, your encouragement and love and creativity fills me with so much warmth and motivation! You girls are the best, love you things to pieces!

    • Val & Vess 09/01/2015 at 2:10 pm

      Thankyou so much too liv! I don’t know where we would be without you and your amazing love for beauty and your courage to create! Vess and I was just talking last night, how we are SO inspired by your love for fashion, style and creating! Top notch Hun!:) I love how we have our own little creative collective forming!:) x