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Airs and graces

airs and graces

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Airs and Graces

We are so happy to introduce a brand new collaboration with the beautiful and talented Alexia Petsinis from pascal et al.  Be prepared for some amazing photos and wonderful words as we present the results of a most wonderful collaboration!


Grace – first and foremost a noun, a suggestion of the refinement and elegance that radiates from a dew-dotted Lily standing proudly in gleaming perfection. Secondly, a woman, an icon of style and pure class that characterises the essence of the true feminine spirit. When one ponders ‘Grace’ for a moment, there emerges from the milky spaces of the imagination, a vision of all things serene – a shy smile revealing fleeting glimpses of a mellow persona, the crisp whisper of silk as it moves with the body. Grace is simplicity – it is light and beauty captured in moments when nobody is looking.

Those among you who journeyed to the Bendigo Art Gallery in 2012 to see the ‘Grace Kelly: Style Icon” exhibition will know what I mean when I talk of this serene presence, a kind of comforting aura that filled the rooms of her iconic clothing. It was as though, through the arrangement and display of many of her most notable outfits, Grace had very much been brought back to life. It was rather astonishing. Every sequinned bodice, every pleated skirt, every plain satin shift dress that she had worn still spoke of her essence, exuding the elegance of her personality as if she were still wearing them.

What I noticed about many of the haute couture pieces on display (from designers including Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent) was the utter simplicity of their style and cut; with the main emphasis of each outfit being in its clean silhouette and elegant lines accentuating the female form. Surface adornment and decoration were often minimal, proving that memorable colours and simple cuts of dress will always remain Classic, no matter what the decade.

On that note, I was drawn to this handmade blue vintage 1950’s creation from Dear Gladys. With a delicate ‘V’ cut neckline, neat fitting sleeves and a small cinched waist, it seemed to exude all the elegance of the way women used to dress – simply and classically. We concluded that it was very ‘Kelly-esque’, even perhaps the same vivid shade of blue as her mesmerising eyes. I’m sure you’ll agree that Val’s soft focus lens captures its refined lines perfectly, and the art direction from Vess (with an incredible sense for bringing delicate sentiments to life) had me feeling like an oh-so-elegant specimen.

My tip: If you’re a Classic kind of gal….be Classic! Honour that element of your soul with dresses that speak to you from decades gone by. In doing so, you will be connecting with fashion on a far more meaningful level!

(Fragrance Note: Fleurissimo by Creed)

 -Alexia Petsinis (pascal et al.)

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In recent times there has been a flux of this previously unknown phenomena, VIRAL VIDEOS. Thanks to youtube, we’re all in the loop these days and everyone has an opinion. Youtube has given us a valuable gift; armed with basic viral video knowledge, no longer are we as susceptible to awkward silences! Talking to a stranger? Bring up the words “gangnum style” or “twerking” and suddenly you’ve got a nice little conversation going on.

Now this outfit I call, in my head, my viral video outfit. For two simple reasons; firstly because this little tank shirt I bought from H&M is covered with cats and secondly that my stripy shirt forever will remind me of Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. Internet sensations which has swept the globe and are now permanent cultural references. Thank you internet, thank you youtube.

Also you may notice that I’m wearing two different pairs of sunglasses! The white aviatars are mine, and the cat eye frames were lent to me by Livia who thought they went perfectly with my “cat theme”!

So there you go guys, a little bit of an insight to my fashion choices. All led and directed by youtube. 😉

You can see more pictures of this outfit taken by Kim on his blog LongBlack, an awesome street fashion blog. We were lucky enough to be shot by him and his pictures came out great! So check it out!



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give good


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Hello lovely friends!

We have some very exciting news! As you may have already known, our dear mother is very well known among our friends as a very creative and crafty woman, who never seems to stop amazing me at her skills with a sewing machine. At the start of last year when I was in search of an ipad cover my dear mother found me scoring the pages of etsy in hot pursuit of the perfect one. Felt, leather, pouches and pockets, there were so many ipad covers to choose from. Also to matters worst, my mother would exclaim “I can make that” in reference to each one that I would show her (thus causing me slight anguish at paying quite a bit for shipping). Eventually I challenged my mother and asked her to make me an ipad case. She rose to the challenge and after seeing some pictures online, made one in less than a day!

My cover has received such positive reception that we have created an online store where YOU are able to purchase one of these ipad cases!

All are one of a kind cases, which have been handmade and crafted to perfection.

Take the time to read each of the descriptions! I spent quite a bit of time writing them, to give each ipad case the most appropriate personality for you to take home.

The online store GIVEGOOD was created as a platform for us to bring; our design, inspirations and creativity to YOU! Over time we will aim to have more fantastic items stocked in our tictail store with creations from v&v, friends and others!

Have a read below to find out a little bit more about our new venture!

Give good was founded on the first day of 2014 by twin sisters Val and Vess, bloggers from BIG PICTURE STUFF.  GIVE GOOD aims to be your one stop shop for buying products with a purpose. With 100% of the profits going to charitable causes, not only are you able to GIVEGOOD gifts but you are also able to GIVEGOOD to someone else at the same time! Win, win,win! “

Have a look and we look forward to sending you your first GIVEGOOD purchase! 


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white on white

white one white

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Wearing white on white can always be a precarious thing. Eating pasta too enthusiastically can result in an unfortunate stain, or that glass perched too close to the edge of the table can result in some serious dry cleaning bills. And I’m sure all of us have had dealt with that annoying conundrum of never finding the right colour underwear to go with white pants! Too many pants changes have often left me with the unfortunate: white pants with coloured underwear situation.

Never the less, I put aside all of my misgivings with wearing white, to try out this white on white combination. I’ve seen many fashion bloggerswear the white on white combination and they look incredible! So after I bought this Zebra top from Sportsgirl, I knew that I wanted to try it out. The result. Surprisingly pleasing.

Pairing the white on white with some gold details and the mustard clutch to warm the whole outfit up, worked like a treat. Kind of a like a meringue with some mango pieces on top. (We’ve been eating a lot of dessert lately, so if I’ve given you imagery that you now cannot un-see, I apologise.)

So as I go out into the world with my blank canvas which is my clothes, I will attempt to avoid all coloured liquids, splattering foods and of course, check my underwear colour before I leave the door.

With Love

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vic market

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When you’re a little kid, parents always tells us to eat your vegetables! Thanks to mum and dad, we took a liking to our greens and are very happy eating our fruit and veg. We are super lucky here in Melbourne to have some amazing fresh fruit and vegetables which is made available to us. We here at big picture stuff are also super lucky to live fairly close to the CBD and close to the wonderful Queen Victoria Market! Recognised as one of the landmarks of Melbourne, the Queen Vic is always alive and bustling, early in the wee hours of the morning. As you walk through the market, everything is running and all ready for you to pick up that fresh fish, produce, or in this season of summer, yummy cherries or strawberries!

These pictures that were taken by Val a couple of weeks ago are just so great! I’m so intrigued by the patterns, colours and the forms that come out in these images. It’s just plain inspiring! It also makes think of this word for the new year; fruitfulness. To work at things, have patience with things and watch things grow! I’m excited for 2014 to be a year of vibrancy and joy and simply finding beauty where you least expect it. So now who’s hungry for new things?