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SIMON and NANNA {PI = 3.1415}


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Simon &  Nanna
One night he had a dream to propose  with a particular type of candy.  She heard about his dream, but didn’t think too much about it. He went and bought the candy and when he  came home, he asked her to close her eyes. Next moment she had the sweet taste of candy in her month

She opened her eyes,
He was on one knee
She was crying
He asked the question
She said yes

Love, beautiful stories and happiness, would be three descriptive words to describe this relationship. Having been dear friends since high school, these two fit together like salt and pepper, cheese and crackers, tom and jerrys. Their love and affection for each other is so enduring, much like the soft glow around clouds and leaves in the sunset, it leaves you warm and refreshed at the same time. I had the privilege of shooting some photos for them in a very quick photo shoot ( I think we shot for less than 40 min) in a short window of time when the sun was shining upon us in England . Looking through these photos I can not help but feel the same warmth and affection that they have for each other through the soft glances between them, the tenderness of their smiles and the joy in their faces. Everything is so special about this couple, from their engagement story to the way they hold hands and the date of their wedding.

Nanna is here on exchange doing her masters from Denmark  so while Simon was visiting for the weekend I offered to take a few photos for them. I met Nanna while being here in Leeds and she has honestly been so caring and kind . She is so loving and one of those rare people, who when she says “How are you?” actually means it and will sit and listen to you about what’s been happening in your life. When I asked Nanna and Simon what they did over the weekend they said they had spent an hour in a book store picking a book each. They plan to read through their books and once they have each finished, to send the books back to each other and swap over.

Like I mentioned before this couple is super cute

have a look at the date of their wedding:

Wedding day = March 14th 2015=  3/14/15  = 3.1415 = Pi to 4 decimal places

Thankyou Simon and Nanna for an amazing afternoon

xo Val

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Welcome to Edinburgh, the vibrant, vivid and inspiring capital city of Scotland. Home of; Haggis, world class festivals, whiskey and numerous myths and legends, Edinburgh offers a wonderful weekend trip away for families, young couples and students looking for a mini holiday away not too far from home (especially those living in the UK). Vivid architecture and beautiful scenery defines Edinburgh’s landscape, such as the famous Arthur’s Seat, a large hill top peak, which is only a stone’s throw and a mini climb away from the city centre. Additionally Edinburgh Castle is a must see for visitors who are passing through, where one is able to experience the majestic views over the city, hear cannons being fired and view the beauty of the precious crown jewels of Scotland.

Unfortunately we were only there for the weekend, (am planning on going back again at the end of the month!) so there were alot of things that we missed out on seeing, such as the Scottish Highlands, the galleries, Royal Botanical Gardens and so much more. But I managed to see enough to know that I definitely want to come back again and explore this magical city.

Would love to hear if you have any recommended; places, things to do, eat or see when in Edinburgh. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of this amazing place and I’m sure many of you have some great places to share.

And this lovely lady sitting next to me on the castle walls is the adorable Allison, my self confessed selfie partner in crime. Both of us have an extreme enthusiasm for not just photos but; being in photos, posing with things and taking photos, making sure we take a photo of or with everything and having the casual selfie photo here and there. Love it!




Looking forward to hearing your recommendations friends!

And next weekend I’m going to LONDON!

Exciting photos coming up!







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White vintage lace dress from Dear Gladys.
Photography and styling: Big Picture Stuff.
Model: Alexia P. from Pascal e tal

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing alot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” -Audrey Hepburn

When we think of beautiful icons, our minds often turn to Audrey Hepburn. A woman of beauty, intelligence, humour and grace. A woman who was exceptionally beautiful, inside and out. However, what is maybe even more striking was Audrey’s lust for life and her belief in creating and celebrating beauty. A trait which resonates beyond her films and her fame.

Now we are so fortunate to have encountered a similar glorious soul. A young lady filled with talent, exceptional grace and elegance which resonates from within. We were undoubtably struck by her beauty, and as we got to know this young woman, we were captured by her vitality and her desire to create beautiful things. A fashion designer, a dress maker, illustrator, model and a writer. There is no stopping this amazing force which is Alexia P. She is truly a lover of artistry and a weaver of poetry within her photographs, writing, art and design.

It is so rare these days to encounter young people whose aspirations are equal to their actions. In Alexia’s case, her actions and her aspirations seem to ride along side each other, pressing both forward to great things. With a love for craftsmanship and detail, Alexia’s devotion to her art will undoubtedly lead to so many amazing opportunities and amazing experiences. Set to be in the leagues of Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Audrey Hepburn and Alexander McQueen, remember her name because one can only expect great things from such a woman.

Happy Birthday amazing Alexia, we are so fortunate to be a part of your journey and cannot wait to see the incredible things you will do!

Hugs and kisses to Dear Gladys as well, for this gorgeous vintage dress. You can see more vintage finds here at their online store or facebook page. And if you are looking for more of Alexia, head to Pasal e tal for Alexia’s own 21st post, You can even give her your own mini bday present by liking Pascal e tal on facebook!

With Love

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The past couple of weeks have really passed extremely quickly! With Val studying in the UK and myself now working a full time job, the days have just flown. So many people have asked me what’s it’s like without my “other half”  or whether I’m missing my “partner in crime”. I generally response with a casual, “oh, totally fine.” Really only kidding myself that I am feeling that I am lacking without my twin by my side. However, I should have responded with this: that with Val gone, I’m missing a key factor in my life.
I’m missing my photographer.

Many of you know that we’re a photographer/model duo who swap between the two roles. With Val gone, it’s thrown things a bit off balanced. Take this black and white striped dress for instance. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of this dress for a while now but my timing has flown out of the window without Val to call on! So what do I do, I grab the next best thing. My mother.

Now Mum is not as an avid photographer as Val is, but she sure knows how to direct. (It must stem from taking our baby pictures.) Instead of the usual moody high fashion poses that Val captures, I found myself being told to smile enthusiastically and look confident and cheerful. That’s what my mum got me to bring to the table, and I hope that’s what you get! I would be lying if I didn’t say that I added my own directions such as; “Okay mum, I’m going to walk towards you now and take a pictures of me strutting.”

It made me think that the photographer model dynamic is extremely important. Both bring ideas, concepts, personality to the shoot. It’s like two pieces of the pie, salt and pepper, but you can also say that it just ain’t black and white. It’s a balancing act truly, but if you’re both open to ideas and happy to be a bit silly, then it can all work out in the end.

On that note, I would like to put a call out to any budding photographers or those interested in fashion photography. Are you interested in fashion blogs? Do you wish to capture images to the standard of your favourite blogger? If you are, email us at or leave a comment below! Now what would Val say of this? I think that she’ll be happy for a bit of healthy competition. Considering that she has all of Great Britain as her backdrop, with it’s red mail boxes, lovely store fronts and moody forests. Well then I believe that we should respond in turn with some gorgeous photography. Don’t you?

With Love







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Hello lovelies!

IT’S SUMMAAAAATIME! I think I mentioned that in my last post, here on Big Picture Stuff, but with Melbourne’s womanly moods and four seasons in one day, it’s hard to tell what season we’re supposed to be experiencing lately! So in saying that, I feel like this set of pictures Val and Vess captured of me reflects perfectly on the moodiness of Melbourne and its iconic weather.

Without intending to, this outfit matches pretty perfectly with the backdrop and the weather, don’t you think? I managed to pair my absolute favourite pants of all time (you’ll see me constantly donning these beauties, I just love them so) in a camel colour with a wide belt to make my pants look even higher waisted… To match the building we know as the Royal Exhibition Building behind me of course! And I can’t forget my sleeveless top that only reflects the stormy grey clouds above me. Okay, so I did mention that it was completely unintentional, but nonetheless, I think it worked out pretty well if I do say so myself!

Here’s to hoping that we get some consistent sunshine soon, I’m not liking how I have to dig out the cosy winter gear for some of these random rainy days. But I can’t complain, because when the sun has been shining its rays, the days have been so so lovely.

Peace out dudes. Keep smiling as always, and wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Love, Livia x