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December 2014


Christmas GingerBread Ideas


Hello Dear Ones!

Gingerbread, cinnamon, holly and the colour red makes me think of Christmas!

Which is definitely something to be happy about!
Our amazing little sister Vivien Bong baked, styled and photographed these delicious Gingerbread cookies. Viv has just finished year 12 and I am very keen to showcase her creativity here on BigPictureStuff.

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Christmas Wrapping Ideas


Hello Dear Friends!

You may have seen our little sneak peek on our Big Picture Stuff Instagram of our recent Christmas post, featuring some gift wrapping ideas! Here I’ll be showing you three different ways you can jazz up your standard brown craft paper to create some amazing and very fun Christmas coverings for your special gifts!
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A Very Creative Christmas


“Christmas my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it is Christmas.”

– Dale Evans-

Hello Friends

Here are some special pictures from a very special event that Vess and I were blessed to attend last Saturday. Let us introduce to you to a very Creative Christmas. An incredible night of delicious Farmgate cheeses, Pressed juices, Gingerbread Layered Cake (from IronChefShellie) and some of the most creative, talented and special people on the planet!

Organised by the very lovely; Bianca Virtue  from Small Batch, Camilla Ferraro from The Alimental Sage and Lily Goh of TheDetailsCo  (Three of the most incredibly beautiful, creative and awesome people we have ever met!) A Creative Christmas sought to bring together some of Melbourne’s most talented instagrammers, shakers and movers.



Hosted in the gorgeous West Elm store on chapel street, this amazing event was oozing with good vibes, creative people and the beauty and thoughts of amazing artisans. Each product was sourced from incredible producers of quality food. Everything that was drunk, bought, consumed and admired came from a group of people who truly loved and valued what they do.

Throughout the night, Vess and I chatted to new friends, shared stories with like minded individuals and obtained stories of amazing people. Many of whom were actually pursuing their inner dreams and passions. I spoke to someone who’s love for food resulted in them gaining a new role in their organisation, another who quit their day job to start up their own food business and another who’s passion for cooking has allowed them to pursue baking full time. It was beyond incredible to meet these courageous ones, who  through persistence, resilience and pure passion were able to build the lives of their dreams.

BigPictureStuff-1BigPictureStuff-4BigPictureStuff-16BigPictureStuff-5BigPictureStuff-12BigPictureStuff-13BigPictureStuff-10 copy
BigPictureStuff-35 copy

Thankyou to our new friends for being so open with your lives and for not letting convention direct your paths. Thankyou for being so brave to push past fears and to pursue those deep hidden dreams in your heart with such passion and humbleness. And thankyou for truly being love in action.

And with that in mind our darling little sister Viv, who made these cookies for our thankfulness cookies post,  suggested we do a 12 days of Christmas countdown! Yes, we have missed 2 days, but better late than never!

So you can expect some cooking posts, crafty posts and some very Christmas posts in the days leading up to this silly season.

Love you and Believe in you

Val and Vess

(Words by Val)


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Introducing Festival Specs

FESTIVAL-SPECS-VESS-2-682x1024 copy

This world is but a canvas to our imagination
—Henry David Thoreau-

One of the most difficult things to hold onto in growth and in life is the simplicity of creativity. When it really didn’t matter what colour your mixed on your palette, but all that mattered was the fun of play. Playing with strokes of paint, bold splashes of colour, in playful acts we learnt, created, formed and shaped new canvases of pure joy.

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