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January 2015


Manchester Press


If anyone told you that there wasn’t anything remotely interesting to do in Melbourne, they haven’t got the slightest clue. Melbourne city is a trove of wonderful cafes, bookshops, galleries, gardens and shops, but only for those who truly know where to look.

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There’s something both incredible wonderful and equally harrowing when entering into the New Year.

It’s a mixture of anticipation of the good things that lie ahead, and the sharp realisation that another year has gone by. It’s the time of year where we are most hopeful for our fitness, and when we actually believe we can change our eating habits for the better.

We clean out our closets, clear our heads, and tell ourselves,”this year’s going to be different.” The undercurrent of these goals is definitely a desire to try something new, but more so, it’s a belief that we can be better.

A belief that, despite the year that has passed with it’s highs and lows, we deserve to have a good year.

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Jess Jones: 2nd Avenue Events



Jess Jones
2nd Avenue Events & Soar Collective 

We are ready to start of 2015 with a bang! And to kick us off we are so excited to feature one of the most lovely, kind and courageous creative out there! Jess Jones is the woman behind two strong businesses; 2nd Avenue Events and Soar Collective. Both businesses which has been thriving since their establishment in 2013 and 2014 respectively. We talk to her about creativity, her craft and what one needs to succeed in running a business.

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2014 RECAP


Hello Friends

For our first post of 2015 we take look back on the past year and what an amazing year it was!

Looking back on 2014 we were blessed to work with a number of incredibles creatives; photographers, designers, illustrators, graphic designers and more. This year has been packed to the brim with simply awesome people, places, opportunities and blessings.

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