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March 2015


it’s a pie day


Throughout last year I distracted myself from studying by looking at food blogs and watching cooking shows. Although that was probably not the most productive use of my time it allowed me to de-stress and fall into a curious love for rhubarb. The vibrant appearance of this stalk only enticed me to wish to bake with it one day. With the fading need to study, I dove into the depths of my curious love by baking one of Vess’ favourite foods; pie. (Which is perfect timing as it was Pie Day last Saturday!) 

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design, friends of BPS

Words With Heart



Words With Heart is a whole new approach to stationery. Combining environmentally responsible production, funding for women’s and girls education projects, and words that promote equality, it is a brand for a better world. We sat down with Words With Heart Founder Lauren to talk about her motivations and the story behind the brand.

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Australia, Food

Grand Trailer Park Taverna

melbourne-trailer-park-tristan (2)


Sometimes being a Melbournian, we think that we’ve seen it all when it comes to the restaurant cafe, foodie scene.

We know the formula for that perfect coffee shop; vintage chairs, rustic interior, large impressive coffee machine. Even for that great burger joint; sort of a throw back diner vibe with a bit of an American touch. True, we’re hardly cafe connoisseur and there’s no way we could be called an expert on the topic, but we’re been around, seen the sights. So truly when we heard about the Grand Trailer Park Taverna, we knew that we had to go and check it out. And boy were we impressed.

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