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May 2015

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EGG and Baking

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In Melbourne we love our eggs. We have them poached, fried, sunny side up, scrambled, slightly well done, as omelettes and on rye bread, sour loaf, whole meal. You will definitely find eggs everywhere on the Melbourne brunch circuit. The great Cupcake Jenna has created a brilliant Egg-xemplary way to enjoy eggs… cupcakes! Continue Reading…

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Becky is an artisan, photographer and an inspiration. Being a self taught photographer we were blown away by her skill and knew we wanted to showcase her work on BigPictureStuff. This year, she has continually fed her creative passions through numerous personal projects, demonstrating her sheer disciple by undertaking the challenge of organising a shoot each week with amazing results. Here we talk about her personal photography journey, what photography means to her and she shares tips on how to organise your own photoshoot.

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