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Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to chance upon special individuals, who have compelling stories of wondrous strength. On one  warm winter’s morning, we journeyed to a special individual’s home  to hear a story of sadness and hope. For often the greatest stories are ones, where , despite unforseen adversary, one proceeds to live with an admirable, wonderful and simply amazing strength and tenacity.

All too often within life, stories take an unfortunate turn and we  feel that the next chapter leaves us hanging or that our life story remains unwritten. Where we turn the corner and we accidentally find a stop in the road, or we begin travelling  on our journey but find ourselves back to where we started.

For Cheryl; her road and journey was was finshing her medicine degree and starting her career  as a doctor. And her stop in the road.

Breast Cancer.

As she told us her story, we heard of her initial shock and disbelief, and the pain felt by those who loved her when she told them. She recounted the treatments and visits to her doctor, and the long days where she had absolutely no strength but only  deep and burdened weariness. Such times were taken slowly with endurance with the support of her boyfriend, her family and her friends. As she shared her story, she told us that many times she felt as if she was standing alone at this stop in the road.  Moments of aloneness, where the tunnel seemed endless, the blockage; no way out, the valley; deep and cavernous.

As we sat by Cheryl’s window, with the sun brightening  her face she smiled and told us:

“I felt I was in the valley, but actually, I was between two mountains. On a plank. Only large for one person.”
“I was taking the journey across from one side to another but I knew wasn’t alone.”

Life at times presents us with impossible situations, but there is always a plan, always hope. We find that actually there is an underpass to the stop to the road, or we discover beauty we had yet to see in the journey. For Cheryl, the beauty for her, was her deep love for things and a desire to create. A handful of tote bags, many cards, some crochet, knitting and numerous amounts of owls later, Miss Kyomi was created. A series of products made out of a desire to make, create and design to raise funds for a project in a community in Cambodia.

What struck us most about talking with Cheryl was not so much with her ordeal, but we were amazed with the strength and resolutions of which she had decided to live her life. She laughed with ease, talked with joy and hoped and planned steadily for the future. She knew that those moments were on a portion of a chapter and the next page only held greater more wonderous adventure.

Thank you Cheryl for sharing your journey with us and thank you for inspiring us with your story. We adore everything you do and cannot wait to see the lives that you will touch, help and inspire with your life, love and story.




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