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 Hey there dudes!

I don’t have much to say today, but will just be sharing some lettering I did for a recent uni project that was about food, noodles and longevity… I made a video with text layered on top, I’ll  share the vid with you guys at a later stage.

Well, because I likely like sharing and because I likely like you… I made some really quick renderings of them in illustrator for you to enjoy and viola! Now you have some snazzy lettering pick me ups to encourage you in whatever you’re doing today, tomorrow and next week.

In other news, has anyone seen Star Trek? I’m wanting to see it after uni is over. For a number of different reasons… I kinda want to watch it because I loved the first one, but more so because Sherlock (aka Mr Cumberbatch)  is doing cray crazy things in the second.

With Love and letters, Live Long and Prosper


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