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Hello Friends

Over the pass two days, you may have seen my social media flurry. Of late our Instagram consisted of white walled lofts, Melbourne breakfasts, tantalising food and beautiful design all with the hashtag #athomeworkshops. We try to bring you at least one beautiful image every day on our Instagram, but I was surrounded by so much awesome that I had to share more!

For our new and old friends you may be wondering, what is this mysterious #athomeworkshop. Well, what I expected to be a photography workshop, (I thought, I would be learning about how to be the best wedding photographer EVER!!) actually turned out to be much less about what I do, but more so about why I do what I do.


Run by the incredible David and Shobana from The Robertsons and Jon Ong from Jonathan Ong Photography (the incredible photographer who took Kim’s wedding photos!) the At Home workshop sought to bring to light, love and life to the work of wedding photographers. To ensure that these young talents were not allowing their craft of photography to define who they are, but to ensure that it was who they are that would be definitive of their work ethic, clients, ethos and makers of success. How does one do that? By believing firstly in yourself, pushing aside insecurities and fear and by understanding why you love what you love is an important aspect of who you are and what you do. 

And the above is all tied within and easily achieved by working from the heart.


Love, is such a driving force behind our actions, words, thoughts and decisions. Not just a love existing between those in a relationship, but love for success, love for the people around you, love yourself and your dreams. You may love one thing, but actually be working in an area you hate. But by infusing love into yourself and valuing yourself you can really change your work, how you see things and change your life.

And my verdict? Yes, it does

Over the past two days (it was two very long days!) I saw my fellow photographers flourish. Grow in their expectations for themselves, their understanding of their work and their confidence to be ready and excited to grow even more in their next season. It wasn’t a magic spell which The Robertsons or Jon Ong waved over the food (and trust me we ate some INCREDIBLE food!) it was simply their openness and desire to take this talent and passion they have, understand who they are, and to take small steps into ensuring that who they are informed what they do.


God has given amazing gifts to all of you and even if you don’t believe in God, you know you have talents within you that the world needs to see. May it be horse riding, skateboarding, cooking, singing or even knitting, you know that you have specially designed to fulfil an amazing purpose in this world to be the best version of you! So push aside those fears, get away from negativity, stop looking at social media, get secure in who YOU are and feel your perspective slowly begin to shift and change as you stop comparing yourself and let who you are be the most important thing that defines your life.

It all begins with YOU

But don’t worry you’re not alone, we’re here for you, cheering you that extra 10% over our 100%  cause, we love you and we know you can do it.



Love Always,


P.S Thanks so much for reading this far, but I want to say a huge thank you to all the dear friends that I met over the weekend, without them, I would not have had HALF of the amazing time that I did. So Jeff, Ernest, Nicole, Laura, Belinda, Alethea, Elle, Bianca and Rach, you guys are incredible, and it was so humbling to be among such creative and talented people. You guys are amazing and I am so excited to see where you guys go from here! And I send all my love to the amazing Dave, Shobs and Elijiah who’s heart burns with joy, love and happiness and who’s lives are ablaze with God’s love and finally the amazing Jon Ong, who’s beautiful ability speak softly through his images thoughts of love and beauty drew me Home in the first place.

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