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Yet again, I find myself casually procrastinating by writing a blog post. Which isn’t such a bad form of procastination! The above photos were taken on a really fun and special day, which was full of surprises and much beauty. These pictures were taken the same day which we found the Wander valley  and these beautiful sights were discovered in very much the same manner (through getting accidentally lost).

Within the photos lie tourists in traditional fishing boats watching a traditional hunting ceremony of the Japanese ‘hunting ducks’. These ducks would swim pass, almost pulling the long boat which the fisherman was in, and grab a fish. Apparently these ducks have hoops around their neck to prevent them from swallowing the fish allowing the fishermen to take the fish from the duck’s mouth. To be honest, at the time, it seemed like such a strange tradition (watching ducks leashed to a boat is not something you see everyday!) but I thought it was great to have experienced some of the culture in Japan. (And being by the river bend, we got to watch this show for free! As opposed to the other tourists who had to pay to be in the boats).

There are also some pictures of the Bamboo forest. We unfortunately, did not stay too long within the famous bamboo forest, becuase I was attacked by mosquitoes. I am not exggerating when I say, I was so itchy I literally ran out of the bamboo.

Thanks so much for the amazing Japan feedback!

It really keeps us motivated to stay up to date and to keep creating beautful content for you to enjoy!

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  • Susan 14/09/2013 at 12:00 am

    These photos look like those out of a movie or documentary, they are just perfect! I feel as if I transport into the pictures whilst viewing them, you guys just keep excelling!!! Keep it up:)

    • Val & Vess 14/09/2013 at 12:42 pm

      Susan! You rock my socks,
      God has gifted you with such an amazing gift of encouragement and clarity with your words! Continue to build your giftings in Christ. He is using you to do mighty things!

      love you!