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Hello lovelies!

IT’S SUMMAAAAATIME! I think I mentioned that in my last post, here on Big Picture Stuff, but with Melbourne’s womanly moods and four seasons in one day, it’s hard to tell what season we’re supposed to be experiencing lately! So in saying that, I feel like this set of pictures Val and Vess captured of me reflects perfectly on the moodiness of Melbourne and its iconic weather.

Without intending to, this outfit matches pretty perfectly with the backdrop and the weather, don’t you think? I managed to pair my absolute favourite pants of all time (you’ll see me constantly donning these beauties, I just love them so) in a camel colour with a wide belt to make my pants look even higher waisted… To match the building we know as the Royal Exhibition Building behind me of course! And I can’t forget my sleeveless top that only reflects the stormy grey clouds above me. Okay, so I did mention that it was completely unintentional, but nonetheless, I think it worked out pretty well if I do say so myself!

Here’s to hoping that we get some consistent sunshine soon, I’m not liking how I have to dig out the cosy winter gear for some of these random rainy days. But I can’t complain, because when the sun has been shining its rays, the days have been so so lovely.

Peace out dudes. Keep smiling as always, and wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Love, Livia x


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