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Hello fellow travellers and adventurers!

What springs to mind when you hear  Belgium? Maybe something along the lines of; Belgium Waffles and Belgium Chocolates? Both of which are delightfully delicious but dreadfully unhealthy for you (like most things which are tasty and covered in chocolate!) . Our Eastern Europe trip started in Brussels and pretty much consisted of non stop eating of waffles and chocolate, visiting gardens, our first experience of a European Gothic Church and thefirst of many kebabs in Europe!

Really not much to say except that, yes, that is a statue of a boy peeing. Which is one of the main tourist attractions within Brussels. According to the Sanderman tour guide, a man lost his son and was asking people of the town to help him find him. Apparently the potential rescuer of the son said, that upon finding the boy he would create a statue of the son doing whatever he was doing upon the time of his discovery to honour the lost boy coming home. And thus the statue was created!

In reality, no one knows the purpose or the true story behind the statue. I personally believe it is a bit of a cheeky move by the people of Belgium, especially now it has become such a well known tourist attraction. Probably one of the more scandalous statues out there or maybe one of the more fun ones!

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Next up, I’ll be sharing some street art and a review of the Alternative walking tour in Berlin.

xo Val


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