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Grand Trailer Park Taverna

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Sometimes being a Melbournian, we think that we’ve seen it all when it comes to the restaurant cafe, foodie scene.

We know the formula for that perfect coffee shop; vintage chairs, rustic interior, large impressive coffee machine. Even for that great burger joint; sort of a throw back diner vibe with a bit of an American touch. True, we’re hardly cafe connoisseur and there’s no way we could be called an expert on the topic, but we’re been around, seen the sights. So truly when we heard about the Grand Trailer Park Taverna, we knew that we had to go and check it out. And boy were we impressed.

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Thank you so much for your responses to our lovely pictures at Werribee Mansion! Saw you guys loved it so much, I’ve posted some more photos up from our day trip, these photos were taking by Vess, (Emerald took the other set of photos which you can see here ) so you can see a few different angels used and a slightly different photography style.

Vess and I just came back from an etsy merchandising event, which featured one of the top managers from etsy coming down to Australia to speak to Australian esty owners on how to expand their store and gain increased sales and customers. We attended the event through Frankie, which gave us complimentory tickets which our best friend Rach Defoe, amazingly won!

Despite not owning an etsy store myself (and I’m sure from the event, I am now, more than equiped to start one!) I personally gained alot of insight about marketing your own brand, trying to be part of the online community and creating a story, with which your customers are invited to connect with. Sorry, if I bore you guys with my slight marketing spill! (Strangely enough these things  excite me!)

Thankyou to my wonderful friends who have commented on our blog! Like I always say, it means the world to me to get your feedback to connect with our readership! Also, what do you guys think of us, importing some of our previous posts? Cause I’m a bit sad that our archives feel a bit empty at the moment! 🙂

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IMG_0315 copy copy

Have a lovely rest of the week guys!

Thanks so much for being such avid followers of BPS!

Can’t wait to show you guys some more pics soon!

Love always!



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Hello lovely ones!

As some of you may have seen from the photo I posted on facebook, we have been keeping some lovely photos to ourselves!

These photos were taken at the Werribee Mansion in Victoria (pass the city, near Hoppers Crossing I believe, and it’s located next to the zoo!) which is such a beautiful place, especially for a day trip or even for a picnic or a place to take that special someone! 😉

Vess, Em and Myself, decided to take a couple of day trips and adventures during our uni break, to try to make our uni holidays more worthwhile  for ourselves. So we ended up at Werribee Mansion for the day, despite being in a lovely dress, which I bought from Camberwell market for $5, it was freezing! I think we chose one of the coldest summer days to go exploring, but nevertheless we still had a fantastic time.

It was so fantastic, because during that particualar period of our lives, all of us, including our dear friends Thu and Alice, seemed to have a Pride a Prejudice obsession, I was reading through the book, while Vess, Em and Thu were watching the BBC series (anyone else love it?). It was so timely, because each room within the mansion reflected the settings and senery of Pride and Prejudice, so we were essentially really experiencing the true Jane Austin experience!

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These stunning photos were taken by Em, who is an amazing photographer in her own right. She’s more into floral and food photography, but she will take photos of me when I ask nicely!

We have a few more photos to show you guys from our day at the mansion, but for now, I will have to scoot off and finish writing my uni essay topic/get some sleep before attempting to arise tomorrow!

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Hope you guys had a lovely, lovely weekend!