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watching and waiting

Hello fellow travellers and adventurers!

What springs to mind when you hear  Belgium? Maybe something along the lines of; Belgium Waffles and Belgium Chocolates? Both of which are delightfully delicious but dreadfully unhealthy for you (like most things which are tasty and covered in chocolate!) . Our Eastern Europe trip started in Brussels and pretty much consisted of non stop eating of waffles and chocolate, visiting gardens, our first experience of a European Gothic Church and thefirst of many kebabs in Europe!

Really not much to say except that, yes, that is a statue of a boy peeing. Which is one of the main tourist attractions within Brussels. According to the Sanderman tour guide, a man lost his son and was asking people of the town to help him find him. Apparently the potential rescuer of the son said, that upon finding the boy he would create a statue of the son doing whatever he was doing upon the time of his discovery to honour the lost boy coming home. And thus the statue was created!

In reality, no one knows the purpose or the true story behind the statue. I personally believe it is a bit of a cheeky move by the people of Belgium, especially now it has become such a well known tourist attraction. Probably one of the more scandalous statues out there or maybe one of the more fun ones!

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Next up, I’ll be sharing some street art and a review of the Alternative walking tour in Berlin.

xo Val


val copyValerie Bong   –  Founder & Content Executive
Val is an Arts/Commerce student currently based in Leeds, UK. As a photographer and documenter she loves celebrating the beauty of the world. With her love for capturing special moments she specialises in fashion, wedding, family and event photography.

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11 cities in 28 days

Day 10 Vienna -4

Day 7 Berlin -50 Day 10 Vienna -4 Day 10 Vienna -52 Day 3 Hamburg -33 Day 4 Hamburg -4 Day 4 Hamburg -22 Day 4 Hamburg -41IMG_0695
Day 9 Munich -19Day 8 Munich -53Day 12 Hungary BudapestpragueDay 11 Vienna -47

Hello friends and fellow travellers. 

I decided to do a quick check-in  to show you a sneak preview of what to expect in the next couple of posts from me(Val!). I was initially hoping to post as I travelled, but lack of consistent wifi proved to be a major drawback to my plans. I am now back in my home away from home, Leeds, overcome with the amount of essay writing, laundry, grocery shopping and exercising that I need to catch up on. Some of you may have seen a few of my travel pics on BigPictureStuff Instagram , so you may have a rough idea of where I’ve been but I can not wait to show you more pictures.

In order through the amazingness that is Eurail we travelled to the following cities and countries;

1.Belgium (Brussels & Brugge)
2. Germany (Hamburg, Munich & Berlin)
3. Austria (Vienna)
4. Hungary (Budapest)
5. Czech Republic (Prague)
6. Poland (Krakow) with a random stop over in Slovakia 
7. Austria (Salzburg)
8. Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Never thought I would be able to say I have been to so many cities and countries in 28 days, but we did it! I am beyond excited to show you the photos I took (Kate and Rach, who were my amazing travel buddies, said they can’t imagine my face without a camera ) and to tell you about the people we met and the things we saw. So to make sure I do get as many pictures to you as possible, I aim to get to you a-post-a-day, so stay posted and you can have your own little travel adventure through BigPictureStuff!

Don’t forget to ENTER the Hidden Socks Club giveaway we already have 60+ likes on the instagram photo, so LIKE BigPictureStuff facebook page, or follow Big Picture Stuff Instagram get in the draw to WIN! Winner will be announced THIS FRIDAY

And for those avid and experienced travellers out there, can you guess where each of these places are? Have a go!

xo Val 

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 
― Gustave Flaubert


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Beautiful BRUGGE


IMG_0925 copydouble IMG_1037IMG_0877 double2 IMG_1075IMG_0901 copy IMG_1081 tripleIMG_1046IMG_0928 copy
Outfit Details 
Skirt: Leed’s Vintage Kilo Sale
Shirt: Cotton On
Cardigan: Leeds Op Shop
Shoes: Big W
Sunglasses: Singapore

Say hello to Brugge, a quaint little city in Belgium, which over rides Brussels for a place in the Lonely Planet’s Independent Traveller’s guide to Europe. Like many of the places in our hectic Eastern Europe itinerary (8 countries in 28 days), Brugge, came up on many fellow traveller’s lips as one of the ‘must see’ places of Europe. Known as the “Venice of the north”, Brugge is a picturesque town surrounded by beautiful canals, lovely walkways and wrought with romantic little getaway spots. A very beautiful two or three day trip, Brugge is a wonderful travel destination for those who want to explore a more quiet part of Belgium or to see a city which holds remnants to the Medieval past.

As we Eurail and backpack around Eastern Europe for 24 days I have had to endure all sorts of turmoil and the greatest of these, packing. The deciding factor in the struggle between what do I need versus what do I really need was; which pieces of clothing was special enough that I did not mind carrying it on my back for an entire month? This pleated vintage skirt was one of those items. Bought at Leed’s Vintage Kilo Sale, the same place where I had bought my purple Metallic skirtthis skirt has the most gorgeous, summery colour and is a wonderfully decent length. A bit on the heavier side (cause I had to pay for it by weight, I know it’s not the lightest of skirts) it was a struggle to decide whether to bring it or not.

A small disclaimer here, I am no travel expert, so please don’t take my advice as a ‘what to bring around Europe’ list. I am as clueless as every other female traveller who fear to part with their entire wardrobe. Many of whom, when faced with the task of lugging about a 12kg bag across Europe end up wishing they had only brought their passport and credit card (any one else have or feel the same way?).

So despite my sore back and weak arms from lugging my backpack, I do feel that if you are willing to take the weight, it’s worth taking whatever you can. Maybe it’s vain travelling,  but I was quite pleased to bring some colour into my photos, especially in such a picturesque place such as Brugge.

If you would like more information about Brugge or my travels, let me know and I’ll be sure to reply. Additionally Friends of Big Picture Stuff, please tell us whether you would like more updates of fashion posts or travel info. We would love to work together with you to make BigPictureStuff a collaborative place from around the world!

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in Germany!

xo Val

Photographer: Rachael from Suitcase Home
Model: Valerie Bong