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Wanted to clarify to you guys why our posts have been so infrequent lately, it’s because our family camera is currently enjoying the warm Mediterranean sunshine and sea winds in Greece!

Our darling little sister, Viv, is currently travelling throughout Greece on a school Greece tour as part of her studies in Ancient Greek (yes, she studies it in high school, no , you can’t speak it, and yes, it’s a dead language). I was blessed to have had the same experience in Year 11 and was able  to travel with two of my best friends from High School. It feels so recent, but also so long ago, that we were experiencing the amazing wonders and historical artefacts of Greece.

Our family has done so much travel lately. Mum and Dad, arrived back from a trip to Korea, less than a month ago (where they apparently ate a lot of raw fish, kimchi and experienced hotsprings), Vess and I were travelling in Japan, and Viv has now gone to scoot across the ocean (away from terrifying Melbourne weather) to enjoy Greece’s beautiful weather, amazing food and stunning scenery.

These pictures were actually taken by Viv (which I strategically ‘borrowed’ from her skydrive account). She is such a talented photographer, especially in taking pictures of landscape and objects. Viv has a wonderful eye for capturing little details, and it seems that the cats within Greece seemed to have caught her eye. It’s actually very surprising, because, she is actually quite allergic to cats, so for her to have taken pictures of so many is pretty impressive.

Have a few more posts planned for this week,

Funny how inspiration catches you in bursts and gusts!