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Ah Florence, Tuscan sun, pizza and black truffle pasta brought me into an Italian dream of well designed fashion and furniture. My stay in Florence overlapped with the prestigious and infamous once a year men’s fashion event; Mitti fashion fair.  Mitti is the most anticipated fashion event for men’s wear (something I didn’t know prior to Florence) a gathering of fashionistas and fashion designers, dictating the hands of fashion for the next year ahead. Found out about this event from Instagram, which explained the hash tag “Mitti” and the number of well dressed men in florence. I have this immense adoration for men’s fashion, so my eyes were popping out of their sockets at the number of tailored coats, leather shoes and cuffed trousers. Which explains the number of well dressed men present in my photos of florence.

As well as taking stalker shots of people I visited the Uffizi gallery where I saw the stunning Bortecelli birth of Venus (it was actually so beautiful), saw the St Maria Duomo (majestic renaissance art at it’s best) and saw the most magical sunset from Michaelangelos viewpoint which is where the original Colossal David statue was situated.

Sorry for the lack of posts. My computer drive is full so it’s preventing me from editing photos! So hoping to get settled in London and pumping out more posts! (I have enough content for three posts a day!)

And exciting news….Vess and my dear friend Emily are now in EUROPE!! As you can see on our instagram Can not contain my excitement!!


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