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IMG_9620 copy IMG_9548 copyIMG_9549 copy IMG_9587 copy IMG_9457 copy IMG_9602 copy IMG_9737 copy IMG_9830 copy IMG_9836 copyIMG_9527 copyIMG_9763 copyIMG_9422 copy IMG_9925 copyTokyo Disney Sea was a big highlight of our Japan trip, it was the first Disneyland we’ve ever been too and it truly didn’t disappoint! Took me a while to find the best photos to post up, as there are just TOO many good ones!

There are some really fun and crazy photos from our day in DisneySea, so thought I would include a few of Vess and Myself showing a bit more of our silly side in Japan. (If you ask our friends, they usually see the silly side of us anyway!)

We chatted to some friends from church, who are on their way to Japan next year. They had seen some of our pics so I thought to include on the blgo some more tops on how we got around Disneysea.



1. Ticket Purchase
Firstly, you may want to consider pre buying your tickets online, as it saves you waiting to buy a ticket when you get to the gate. But overall, it wasn’t too bad to wait with other patient Japanese Disney lovers to purchase an entry ticket. We found that the line  moved really quickly and like everything else in Japan, it was super efficient!

2. Fast Pass!
They have FAST PASSes in Disneyse from a few of the major rides in Disneysea which allows you to take a ticket for a ‘fast pass’ line . It gives you the opportunity, to come back to the ride, maybe, 45 minutes later. Instead of going through the regular line, which may have an hours wait, you are able to line up in the Fast Pass line, which has a significantly shorter wait time. It gives you the opportunity to walk around the park, rather than having to wait in line for hours! We suggest you grab these first!

3. The Shows
Seriously, the shows were a MASSIVE highlight. They have so many international performers within the acts, who are just SO amazingly talented. For me, just going to 3 of the shows, made my ticket worth it! Extremely professional, engaging performances and exceptional musicians make going to everyone of these A MUST. Ariel’s performance and the Big Band Beat are HIGHLY recommended!

4. Parades
There are some crazy, imaginative and magical people out there who can think of such overwhelmingly creative costumes, floats and music. Each parade is performed within the centre of the park, (the giant lake in the middle). Make sure you note the show times, and grab a good spot to watch the magic happen! Despite being in Japanese, it is still a stunning scene to watch! Warning: one of the shows they spray ALOT of water, so be ready for it!

5. Walking Around
The park was surprising large enough to occupy you for the whole day but not so big that you find you don’t have enough time. So take your time enjoying each park of the magic in each area, may it be Ariel’s Grotto or Arabia, cause each part can be enjoyed thoroughly! We thought we would run out of time, but found a day was perfect for doing all the rides and seeing all the attractions

Well, there we go, Val’s top tips for DisneySea Japan!

There are alot of other great tourist sites with some great insights and recommendations, but overall be prepared to be wowed and amazed. Drink a lot of water, wear good walking shoes, and be prepared for the MAGIC of DISNEYLAND!!!






Japan, travel


Disney Sea

IMG_9377 IMG_9476
IMG_9384 IMG_9571IMG_9703IMG_9828IMG_9629 IMG_9577IMG_9467IMG_9566 IMG_9610 IMG_9897IMG_9895

Just some casual photos from our time in Disney Sea,

I feel like we tend to write a lot about what we get up to, but we do not really show you guys much of what we do in our day to day! So we were thinking of doing a couple of posts on where we go shopping or where the best places to go op shopping are. What do you guys think? Something like;  buying on a budget. This was our lovely friend, Pris’ idea, which I would love to do with you guys!

About this post, I felt some nostalgia for Japan the other day and felt the urge to look through photos from our trip. I can not deny that I don’t go through these on a regular basis for inspiration or to simply perk myself up a bit. It can really brighten my day to see the fun and great times we had in sunny Japan,stark contrast to rainy Melbourne Days and the exam season that I am in. But as I was speaking to my friends just yesterday, we have the power and motivation within us, we just need to tap into it and trust and believe that we can  DO IT! Also a HUGE congratulations to any year 12 or year 11s who have finished their major end of year exams. May God Bless you and exceed your expectations and guide you where He was you to GO!

Will show you some more pictures from Tokyo Disney Sea in our next post with some insights on some of the rides, how to get there and the overall experience. I think we took over 200 photos on that day, so have a lot to share with you guys! The number of photos we took, probably shows, that we were totally making the most of our time, in the ‘most happiest place on earth’







Japan, travel



IMG_7956 IMG_3104IMG_7959





Yet again, I find myself casually procrastinating by writing a blog post. Which isn’t such a bad form of procastination! The above photos were taken on a really fun and special day, which was full of surprises and much beauty. These pictures were taken the same day which we found the Wander valley  and these beautiful sights were discovered in very much the same manner (through getting accidentally lost).

Within the photos lie tourists in traditional fishing boats watching a traditional hunting ceremony of the Japanese ‘hunting ducks’. These ducks would swim pass, almost pulling the long boat which the fisherman was in, and grab a fish. Apparently these ducks have hoops around their neck to prevent them from swallowing the fish allowing the fishermen to take the fish from the duck’s mouth. To be honest, at the time, it seemed like such a strange tradition (watching ducks leashed to a boat is not something you see everyday!) but I thought it was great to have experienced some of the culture in Japan. (And being by the river bend, we got to watch this show for free! As opposed to the other tourists who had to pay to be in the boats).

There are also some pictures of the Bamboo forest. We unfortunately, did not stay too long within the famous bamboo forest, becuase I was attacked by mosquitoes. I am not exggerating when I say, I was so itchy I literally ran out of the bamboo.

Thanks so much for the amazing Japan feedback!

It really keeps us motivated to stay up to date and to keep creating beautful content for you to enjoy!

Love you friends










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IMG_6439 IMG_6441 IMG_6476picIMG_6443 IMG_6444IMG_6445 IMG_6418IMG_6487pic


This is a must see location within the beautiful land of Japan… Yoyogi garden sits as a strange juxtaposition against the zaniness of Harajuku and the modern aesthetic of the central train station. As you walk towards the garden, you are greeted with an enormous gate, signalling the entrance to an enchanted forest that captures your imagination. Our awesome friend Ben walked us into the garden and we were taken aback with awe. Entering the garden just after a burst of rainfall, there was an eerie like mist that had settled through the trees. We were reminded of movies and imagined Totoro dancing through the forest

Such a magical garden. However, another sudden burst of rain cut our journey short. Although we didn’t spend alot of time there, we did throughly enjoy the experience of mystery and intrigue. And Val had a lot of fun taking pictures of this natural spotlight that illuminated me below. Apologies for my lack of grace, the most I could muster was an awkward spin with you are witnessing here. 🙂

Hope you are enjoying our little tibits of our Japan trip, we are loving every minute of sharing this journey with you, it makes us relive our adventures!

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And we love talking to you too! If you happen to stop by our humble blog, please leave us a comment because we just want to thank you for taking the time to enjoy and ponder our words and our photographs. And if you have any questions about Japan that you are wondering about or an queries that you think we could answer, don’t hesitate to comment below!

With Love and the magic of trees!

Japan, travel


wander valley




IMG_7897pic IMG_7894picIMG_7899pic



These photos are accompanied with a lovely story of exploration, wrong directions and suprising valleys. If I recall correctly, Vess and I were on our way to the Bamboo forest in Kyoto from the Nanzen Ji temple. I remember feeling extremeley exhausted, tired and half esleep most of the time, so it comes to no surprise that we got lost on the way.

For me at least, it’s those moments when you get lost, but discover something even more magical and memorable, than what you originally intended, that make journeys so amazing. I think it is because, when you venture to a new place with no expectations or prior knowledege the satisfaction bar is set quite low, which allows you to make your own story for a place.

To be honest, we didnt realise that we were going the wrong way, until we started seeing way too many mountains and the number of trees far exceeded the number of humans. When we did figure out we were going the completely wrong direction we got off at this very isolated station in hope that another train would come. 

Another train did come, thank goodness, in 20ish minutes (which for Japan is a pretty long time considering trains usually come every 2-4mins in busy stations!) to the delight of Vess, who was slowly freaking out. 20minutes did allow us time to take some photos of the amazing scenary and to soak in a different part of Japan, not neccessarily seen by tourists.

This week we are full of love for the dear friends of B.P.S (bigpicturestuff). Shona and Elaine for always being so dedicated to the blog and being number one fans and for Cath (who’s parents are actually in Japan now) who took the time to send us a lovely and caring message of encouragement for our creativity!

Thanks so much guys! You are so special to us!