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Grand Trailer Park Taverna

melbourne-trailer-park-tristan (2)


Sometimes being a Melbournian, we think that we’ve seen it all when it comes to the restaurant cafe, foodie scene.

We know the formula for that perfect coffee shop; vintage chairs, rustic interior, large impressive coffee machine. Even for that great burger joint; sort of a throw back diner vibe with a bit of an American touch. True, we’re hardly cafe connoisseur and there’s no way we could be called an expert on the topic, but we’re been around, seen the sights. So truly when we heard about the Grand Trailer Park Taverna, we knew that we had to go and check it out. And boy were we impressed.

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Wait Let Me Take a Selfie: Val’s Selfies



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Hello BigPictureStuff Friends!

Thankyou so much for the amazing encouragement on Vess’ amazing illustration of the late Robin Williams (as seen on our instagram ). It was a true honour to be able to represent such an amazing man and to continue telling his story around world.

As you may have noticed I am presenting to you today, a very special travel project. Brought to you from my Europe Adventure!!

Val’s Selfies 

Selfie: “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”

Part of my trip  was spent travelling solo, (which I wrote about here while in Leeds) and it was honestly such a rewarding, inspiring and memorable adventure.

Yes, I did get lost, yes, I fell into tourist traps, and yes, I took ALOT of selfies.

Selfies, are honestly, such a wonderful, interesting and world wide creation. Arguably birthed from narcissistic and vain pursuits, the selfie has becomes such a prominent, and integrated aspect of our social media driven society. Used to validate our travels, stories and day to day activities (who can’t deny sharing the occasional ‘selfie with my dinner’ or ‘selfie in my car’ photo?) the selfie has changed the way we interact and recount our experiences, surroundings and situations.

I showed Val’s Selfies  to my  little sister, Viv, and she said “How did you think of that?”
To be honest, it came out of my desire to be that tourist in a photo. To have your photo taken front of the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Notre Damei is every tourist’s dream and I felt a selfie on an iPhone just did not cut it for me. Hence, my small travel project.

Better, yet, this little travel photo allows me to say with confidence:

“Yeah, I went there. Look,  I took a selfie!


val copyValerie Bong   –  Founder & Content Executive
Val is an Arts/Commerce student currently based in Melbourne, Australia. As a photographer and documenter she loves celebrating the beauty of the world. With her love for capturing special moments she specialises in fashion, wedding, family and event photography.

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PARIS Louvre


IMG_9566 IMG_9584 copy IMG_9609IMG_9566IMG_9558 IMG_9634 IMG_9641IMG_9535

Styling: Alexia Petsinis
Photography: Valerie Bong

Excited to be sharing with you some photos of the beautiful fashion blogger and writer, Alexia P from Pascal Et Al seen in our previous Paris photos. I feel so overwhelming blessed to have captured the iconic beauty of the Louvre in my photography.  Distinctively remembering it being quite overcast when these photos were taken and vaguely remember my feet being extremely wet (I think my canvas shoes had been soaked through the day before while in Disneyland resulting me to be wearing flip flops on the beautiful streets of Paris, and trust me, NOT my ideal situation! ).

 I always love my photography collabs with Alexia, such a stunning beauty and an all round amazing lady, its always so so amazing, may it be in Paris, Melbourne or any where else in the world!

Today I was helping my dear friend, Alex understand the concepts of photography (explaining ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture isn’t always the easiest) and am now inspired to share some photography tips with you guys!

Photography Tip #1: Learn to shoot with natural light.
Natural light is the best lighting to get those dreamy portrait photos (and my favourite type of lighting!) Experiment by shooting the same subject during different times of the day to practice adapting your camera settings to specific lighting situations.

Let me know how you go!

Sending our love to you

val copyValerie Bong   –  Founder & Content Executive
Val is an Arts/Commerce student currently based in Leeds, UK. As a photographer and documenter she loves celebrating the beauty of the world. With her love for capturing special moments she specialises in fashion, wedding, family and event photography.

Website Twitter / Linkedin 

IMG_9535 IMG_9545 IMG_9558

Barcelona, fashion, vess

Spanish Señorita

IMG_1302 copy

IMG_1256 copyIMG_1205IMG_1226IMG_1196IMG_1235IMG_1184 IMG_1213IMG_1302 copyIMG_1276 copy

Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage from K I N G D O M 
Sunglasses: Festival Specs 

I’m extremely excited to share these images with you guys. It’s truly a combination of a number of beautiful elements and little details that make this one of my most favourite outfit posts ever. Our location, Barcelona Spain, our setting, the gorgeous apartment from Airbnb hosts Philona, our outfit, a rosy tailored vintage number that told a story of elegance and grace. The sun was shining, and we were feeling like the luckiest girls in the world.

Moments like makes us pinch ourselves and us question “is this really happening?” Having the opportunity to travel halfway across the world to the place of art, architecture and sangria. If given the opportunity, we would be back there in an instant. What also made our stay so special was our stay in this gorgeous Spanish apartment. We really lucked out on this one.

Our dear friend and travel buddy Emily found this place on Airbnb and we were instantly drawn to it. After looking at a number of other options we decided to go with the “fancy one” and a few weeks later we were making our way towards the apartment of our dreams.

Phil and Fiona, our airbnb hosts, truly outdid themselves with creating a beautiful place for wide eye travellers to call a home. So did we feel like fancy senoritas living an opulent lifestyle filled with slow days and countless memories. You better believe we did.


vess copy square

VANESSA BONG   –  Founder & Content Executive
Vess is a writer, graphic designer, illustrator and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about design, art, fashion and story telling.  She has worked with a number of well known clients including the Melbourne Zoo, Kelly Thompson Illustrations and currently holds a position at SMASH enterprises as a junior designer.  Website Instagram