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‘A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.’ – Jim Morrison 

As promised here are a larger set of photos from the photo shoot that I did with these darling group of friends. It was my dear friend Alex who actually approached me to take photos for her and her group of friends from her uni Chinese class. I affectionately called this post ‘china girls’ simply because these ladies grew in their friendship on an exchange trip to China. I don’t think they would have bonded or connected in any other way except for their studies in Chinese. (One plus for learning Chinese, you can make lifelong and amazing friends!)

Friendship is such a beautiful and amazing thing. It empowers, supports, brings life and hope to any situation and makes life so much more amazing!

So dear friends of BPS, and our close friends, thankyou so much for being such dear friends to us.

Even though sometimes we forget to say it, we really really really appreciate who you are in our lives!

let someone know that they are special to you today!




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