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Christmas Wrapping Ideas


Hello Dear Friends!

You may have seen our little sneak peek on our Big Picture Stuff Instagram of our recent Christmas post, featuring some gift wrapping ideas! Here I’ll be showing you three different ways you can jazz up your standard brown craft paper to create some amazing and very fun Christmas coverings for your special gifts!

IMG_7003 IMG_7001 IMG_6999

Gift Wrapping Idea 1: Stick it like a Polka-Dot 

Stickers are a very cheap and easy way to make any plain surface fun, bright and festive. You can buy similar stickers at your local super market or craft store. It’s pretty cheap to get a huge roll of them and to start sticking! The great thing about this idea is that it’s very mess free and super fun to do with little ones.


IMG_7010 IMG_7011 IMG_7014

Gift Wrapping Idea 2: Let it Snow!

Regular white craft paint can be used to create a very elegant and beautiful gift wrapping for your loved ones! Can get a little messy, so it’s recommended you place some old magazines or newspaper underneath to protect your surfaces. Be creative with what you paint. Here, I chose to make some very simple snow flakes and used the back of the paint brush to create some white dots. You can also make simple circles, swiggles or even brush strokes! IMG_7018 IMG_7020

Gift Wrapping Idea 3: Dunkin Donuts 

This wrapping paper was inspired by the amazing Beci Orpin and her donut sprinkle deco idea that is featured in her new book Make Do. Much like the sprinkles on a delicious donut, these sprinkles bring a bit of colour, sweetness and sparkle. I think it’s a fun way to uncover the goodness within your wrapping paper! Here, I used some old craft paper cut into strips and simply pasted them on with some glue in fun patterns. Do they remind you of donuts too?


IMG_7889 IMG_7865 IMG_7870

Here you have it, my 3 Gift Wrapping Tips for the Christmas season.

And like any great gift wrapping, they need some ‘garnishing’. So for my ‘Stick it like a Polka-Dot’ I made some very simple pompoms from wool as a little bit of a fun and quirky deco idea. My ‘Let it snow’ wrapping was coupled with brown string and some lovely lettering of peace, love and joy. Finally the ‘Dunkin Donuts’ wrapping I paired with some simple brown craft string.

I hope you enjoyed that and we can’t wait to see your gift wrapping ideas! Feel free to have a go and tag us on Instagram and Facebook. We would love to share and see your take on our Christmas Wrapping Ideas.

Love you GUYS!


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