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Having been in Japan for a total of seven days, its beginning to feel as if we’ve experienced, seen, eaten and journeyed through so many different things. These quick photos were taken in a crossing at The fashion Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

We found ourselves here, in a frantic search for an ATM which would accept our master card. My Japan travel tip for today, if you are planning on using a travel card, master cards are limited as they are not accepted in most convenience stores and local ATMs. But can be used in shops which take eftpos and in Citibank atms(which aren’t as common but findable!).

It’s been awesome to see our Japan Adventure following on Facebook through our many friends and family! The photos which I’ve been uploading, have simply been taken on my iphone(given to me by my dad when I broke my Samsung!)with a couple of filters provided by Facebook.

I was telling Vess today how I was so overwhelmed at the amount of things and photos which I want to share with you all! (If I showed you all the pictures, we’ll be posting about Japan for the next year!) so ill try to be as selective, inspiring and informative as possible with what I decide to post!(But there’s so much, that I contemplated making another blog for travel photos!)

Will be posting more soon!

Have a wonderful day lovely friends!


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