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Collective Curators

Collective Curators, where we learnt about the unspoken benefits of blind dates.

There’s a phrase that we’ve been using that has become a staple in our vocabulary. Mixed amongst words such as “totes man” and “cray cray” this is a phrase that we will doubt will leave us anytime soon.

“We met on Instagram”

We honestly say this at least every two weeks and we can only see this increasing as time goes by. But it’s not something that should be grouped into the other “hook up” platforms, rather we think it should be elevated to the status of “fate” or  a “where have you been all my life” status.


Those were the feelings that were bouncing around at the The Como House cafe The Stables, as a group of Instagram happy girls met, chatted, grabbed that perfect top lay and shared their lives with one another.
Organised by the gorgeous Cherrie (@lovecherriiee) and Charmaine (@charmaine.n) these girls aimed to bring together a community that had previously only existing on the Instagram platform into the real world. And did it work? It sure did. After initially being treated to some sweet goodies, the table conversations ranged from photography techniques, to personal passions, to day jobs, to favourite filters and to the best brunch places to go in Melbourne. There were girls who had fashion based instagrams, foodie based ones, art and photography, to the tentatively named “lifestyle”.


It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with such generous and kind ladies who were actively sharing their loves to the instagram community. We’re so looking forward to the next upcoming event in August, and we hope that we can catch some of you there too! Check out the Collective Curators Instagram page for their details! Can we promise you that it will be as fun as this one? #YES

With Love

Val and Vess

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  • Cherry 28/07/2015 at 11:09 pm

    Thank you so much for this post!! Absolutely loved it!!! We will update you on the next event ASAP, organising all the details this week!!! xx

    • Val & Vess 31/07/2015 at 11:23 pm

      Thanks for leaving the comment Cherry and thank you ever so much for organising such a fantastic event! Seriously can’t wait for the next one!