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Hello friends,

How breath taking are these images that Val and our amazing Sarah have created? I’ve really no words to say! But I will attempt to add an additionaly accompanying narrative to these gorgeous shots. I suppose what came to me when I was looking at these images was the quiet wistfulness, the joyous play, the burst of colour as the holy poweder sprayed elegantly around Sarah’s shoulders.

The imagery that Val and Sarah produced are just a snippet of whats to come. If you want to know something interesting, both Sarah and Val aren’t models or photography students. They are both doing Commer/Arts at the same university! Isn’t it amazing that a desire to create beauty, appreciate beauty, capture beauty is not restricted to any type of person. It’s actually incredible when there are people who go out of thier way to find things they love to make, make it and make it wonderful.
Wonderufl job ladies, theirs only great things to come!



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