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Hey there guys!
It’s feels like it’s been a while since we’ve posted! So this post in going to be short and sweet just because I’m sure you’re much more interested in the pictures! So today lets try a generic fashion post shall we?
The top that Val’s wearing is from the local opshop in our area, her sunnies; from the camberwell market and her pants, I believe she got at a thrift shop sale that our church had a couple of weeks ago! How does Val manage to look so good with minimal spending? It’s so much fun to mix brights with prints, I’m just a bit less daring (a.k.a I’m often in the melbourne default of black) but I’m really tempted to just grab my brights and rock it. I just love the holiday-esq feel that this top excentuates. It’s light and lovely and mixed with the leopard print, it’s fun, ziesty and engaging. So different to the windy weather that we’re experiencing outside right now! Stay warm and creative honeys!
With Love and longings for Summer

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