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Delicate spring

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Hello lovely readers of BPS!

Livia coming at you again, so prepare yourselves. Nah, what am I saying, with three previous Big Picture Stuff posts, I think I’ve got this blog writing thing down pat! Okay, so I’m no pro yet, and perhaps not as eloquent as the lovely Val and Vess, but give me some credit, I’m trying!

Now that spring is officially over, we can finally say goodbye to hay fever (not that I personally suffered it myself, a feat I am immensely proud of – you will often catch me bragging about this), and say hello to barbeques on beautiful sunny days and warm, breezy summer nights at the beach! Should the moody Melbourne weather permit, that is.

But still reminiscent of the springtime, Val and I headed out one day in the middle of our exams and did a little shoot amongst this beautiful flower wall in our local area. Only the best form of procrastination, if I do say so myself. It was a beautiful spring day; something that I feel like Melbourne could have blessed us with more of this past spring season. Regardless, we managed to get some great shots of the beauty of spring and the lovely warmth of the spring sunshine.

For this outfit I thought that the flowiness of a maxi skirt would be perfect; slightly bohemian with its crushed pleats and slits to allow for extra movement in the wind, and with its mint baby blue colour it would nicely compliment the pinks, whites and greens in our backdrop. I kept the top loose as well to remain on track with that carefree kind of feel, but couldn’t resist adding a statement necklace to match the skirt and contrast with the cut outs of the blouse. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did styling this outfit, and posing amongst the flowers, especially with my superhuman resistance to hay fever!

Stay beautiful and happy,




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