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It all begins in the sketchbook. Hani and Aisah covert their illustrations into patterns, which they hand-print on base cloths, creating prints with a unique tactile that cannot be yield if done digitally. The hand-printed textiles are then made into timeless, functional and durable products for everyday wear.

Introducing: Fictive Fingers

We all know the difference.

The moment it was picked up, one could tell immediately. Precision, care, thought and originality. There was something different about it.

One could feel even from simply looking at it’s design that there was something so beautiful and so human about the object.


Craft in itself is an extension of the soul. It starts with a human heart.The desire to create something beautiful from even the simplest of materials. From there it moves to the work of the hands, here’s where it moves into the realms of time, where ever moment spent on the task only adds to the individuality of the end result. And then, here’s where something special happens, the crafted object moves from the crafter and into the hands of someone else.

And when it does, the care, the thought and the love invested into the object is felt in the heart of the receiver.


We’ve both been crafters, but just recently we’ve been receivers of beautiful well made craft.
We found the wonderful creations of the Fictive Fingers sisters on Instagram. From that moment we were enthralled at their beautiful prints and products and inspired by their commitment to the handmade. Hand printed prints? Hand drawn designs? That was something that seemed so rare in this fast consumer culture. So when Val bought one for herself, we truly saw what a difference this commitment makes.

And what is this difference you may ask? Well, instead of receiving just a pouch, what Val received was a crafted piece that was invested with thought, immense care and of course, love.


So support thought, support care, support love.
Support craft.

written by Vess

Fictive Fingers is an independent hand-printed textile design house by sisters Hani and Aisah Dalduri in Singapore. We blend timeless designs with traditional methods to create functional art pieces that can be appreciated just as much for their beauty as their use value. A small business that began operation in our bedroom is now a growing brand with a global following.
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