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fields of gold

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There is something beautiful when people with creative talents and gifts come together in a glorious collision. The word collaboration is one often thrown around in creative circles. Often we see some succeed, while others may not produce the desired result. Here in the world of v&v, we have been so blessed and lucky to be surrounded by a host of beautiful people who have presented ideas and concepts to us. We have some up coming work, partnering with crafters and photographers, thinkers and writers, which we are so excited to be sharing with you, our beautiful friends. Truly what lies in the heart of the collaborative process is a simple concept. Trust. Trust in each others visions, abilities and trust that such a partnership will create  something the world has never seen before.

These photographs are a result of concept, trust, creativity, friendship and lovely sunlight. We worked collaboratively with the incredible Natasha Quaresma, a young writer, singer, intellectual, art lover and someone we feel lucky to call our friend. Val found our location, Natasha styled her outfits, Vess reflected the light. In the early hours of a Tuesday morning, we photographed a series of outfits, trudging together through tall rushes, highly aware of the sign which read “beware of snakes in tall grass”. As Val snapped away, we filled the air with conversations of family, the music industry, favourite books and photography. A beautiful morning indeed.

We have a couple more images to come featuring the beautiful Natasha. We will be doing an interview with her to introduce her to our bps friends shortly, in the mean time you can get to know more about this wonderful lady on facebook,  twitter or read her delightful blog.


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