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Hello lovely friends!

We have some very exciting news! As you may have already known, our dear mother is very well known among our friends as a very creative and crafty woman, who never seems to stop amazing me at her skills with a sewing machine. At the start of last year when I was in search of an ipad cover my dear mother found me scoring the pages of etsy in hot pursuit of the perfect one. Felt, leather, pouches and pockets, there were so many ipad covers to choose from. Also to matters worst, my mother would exclaim “I can make that” in reference to each one that I would show her (thus causing me slight anguish at paying quite a bit for shipping). Eventually I challenged my mother and asked her to make me an ipad case. She rose to the challenge and after seeing some pictures online, made one in less than a day!

My cover has received such positive reception that we have created an online store where YOU are able to purchase one of these ipad cases!

All are one of a kind cases, which have been handmade and crafted to perfection.

Take the time to read each of the descriptions! I spent quite a bit of time writing them, to give each ipad case the most appropriate personality for you to take home.

The online store GIVEGOOD was created as a platform for us to bring; our design, inspirations and creativity to YOU! Over time we will aim to have more fantastic items stocked in our tictail store with creations from v&v, friends and others!

Have a read below to find out a little bit more about our new venture!

Give good was founded on the first day of 2014 by twin sisters Val and Vess, bloggers from BIG PICTURE STUFF.  GIVE GOOD aims to be your one stop shop for buying products with a purpose. With 100% of the profits going to charitable causes, not only are you able to GIVEGOOD gifts but you are also able to GIVEGOOD to someone else at the same time! Win, win,win! “

Have a look and we look forward to sending you your first GIVEGOOD purchase! 


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