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We cannot believe that it’s June already! It feels like 2013 only just started. So far, its been a great and busy year filled with uni, friends, working, family, photoshoots, shopping and oh so much more. I do feel that at time we may unknowingly bog ourselves down with stresses and thoughts of life and what’s coming next, but its also nive to reflect on the time just past and memories of adventure and delight.
Val’s bright outfit is just gorgeous and  just a bright reflection of her beautiful personalilty and lovely heart. Important as it is to keep warm in the winter, it’s also fun to add some colour just  to show that; you’re not gonna let those grey clouds get to you! It’s fun to pair bright colours together, and also textures make for a nice statement.
The magenta coat that has gained the name “smock” from some of my family members, is one of my favourite coats. It was bought for only 10 Euro at a vintage store in Paris with my dear friend Jess. I’ve always liked the richness of the colour and the way it sort of hangs expressively when you wear it! Holds great memories and joy to me, and that’s something definately needed as we enter the half way point of 2013.
With Love and delight





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