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HAMBURG: Things and People

Day 3 Hamburg -12

Day 3 Hamburg -4
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“To live fully, we must learn to use things and love people, and not love things and use people.” 
-John Powell-

Watched a viral video the other day of a speech from a marketer from the food industry. Her straight forward approach to the world of advertising garnered more than a million views and gained world wide attention because of the uncomfortable topic, but particularly because of the way it made us as consumers feel.

No matter how ignorant or aware we become, consumerism is an active part of our culture that seems to place the dollar sign first and humanity second.

These photos taken in a fun fair in Hamburg, Germany illustrate how the bright lights, the flashing symbols and the large billboards can subtract from the person behind the machine. Have they become part of the machinery, working like clock works or metal parts? Or are they simply an under valued necessity, required but not overly fundamental to drawing people to these fun fair stores.

My favourite photo of this series is of the man in the giant corn cob. Attempting to present a joyful, festive mood, he seems discontent, distracted and almost insignificant against the size of this dominating vegetable.

I did very much enjoy this fun fair though. We came across these bright lights on our sole night in Hamburg. A very fun night, full of candy, sweets, pretzels and sausages. Kate, Rach and I were very lucky to have experienced this truly festive part of Germany and to be overwhelmed with the electrifying power of bright lights and human pleasures.

Have a number of projects on at the moment! Collaborations with fellow creatives, family photography and putting finishing touches to our ‘studio space’ has been keeping both Vess and myself extremely busy!

Stay Tuned for some rad pics coming your way!

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