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Hey hey honey, hey hey sugar. hey hey darling.
Isn’t it funny that many affectionate phrases we use have to do with food?
Especially foods stuff of the sickly sweet, pimple inducing and tooth ache creating kind.
But saying things such as “hey there cracker” or “you’re my broccoli” doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it?

Maybe it’s because sweet things are tasty, yummy, delitable, pleasurable, desirable.

They make us want more. They make us happy.
They gives us pure joy as we block our minds to the fact that our waistline and our teeth are going to pay for this guilty pleasure later.
But does it count if you spend an afternoon cutting the pears, crushing crumbs, measuring sugar and churning your own icecream?
Surely, if you yourself combine the sugary sweetness together manually and slowly, it doesn’t really count as a guilt…

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But the pictures really speak the truth, homemade sundaes with raspberry sauce and baked fruits with a tasty textured crumble eaten with friends on a clear spring day is definitely a guilty pleasure and soaring delight.


Thank you Emerald for lugging your icecream machine to our house and making us icecream! Thanks for enjoying it with us Alice! And thank you Ms Donna Hay for providing us with a recipe for sugary sweet sundaes that made that day memorable in wonderful way.

love always


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