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How to make great choices-Thread Harvest


Have some difficulty making meaningful decisions? Here’s our step to step guide on how we make some of our important choices.

With so many options in at our fingertips, it can be really difficult to be decisive with our choices. They call it ‘choice overload’ and it’s the predicament we can find ourselves in when we struggle to make important decisions, like, what am I going to do for uni, what am I doing in the next 5 years? Choice is something we are blessed with, but all too often the magnitude of making certain decisions can really paralyse us in doing what we want to do!

So here’s some things that we consider when we make some of our major choices in our lives and especially choices for our blog.


1. What are the long term effects of this choice?

We tend to look at the decisions we make and see where it will lead us, whether it will help take us down a path for greater opportunities and benefit us in the long term. We can also look at the impact it will have on the environment, the people around us and our time management. Taking these into consideration helps us to evaluate the nature of the choice.


2. Is this choice going to benefit others, or will it be hurting others? 

One of the many questions that we get asked about our blog is whether we earn money off of it. The answer is no, we don’t get paid for all the content that we create. Although it does give us opportunities to get paid through freelance photography and design, we decided early on to use this blog as a platform to celebrate people, inspiration and creativity. We knew that if we did a bunch of ads on our blog or advocated brands we didn’t believe in to pay us to make content, we wouldn’t actually be benefitting the people we seeked to help in the first place. Try to think who you will be helping, whether it’s your family, friends, the person you’re paying for a service or a product. Who will you be helping or who will you be hurting with your choice?


3. Does this choice reflect who I am and what I value?

A really big one for us, there has been a variety of different opportunites that has come our way and we’ve decline a couple because they just don’t sit with who we are and what we did. Don’t be afraid to say no if it means that you can stay true to yourself. Even when it comes to our consumer choices, do you value the environment? Take the steps to shop eco friendly. Do you want to ensure fair trade practices? Look out for the fair trade logo in your next grocery shop. Every choice we make has an impact somewhere.

4. Final step; Have Courage and just Do It!

We love this final step, because, at the end of the day, we can deliberate, decide, think and question, but once you’ve done the hard yards, you got to stick to your gut and go with the decision that sits with you!


This is our final post with Thread Harvest and we would love you to have a look at their incredible products. As mentioned in Part 1 of our Thread Harvest posts, Thread Harvest believes fashion can do great things, and they sell artisan products that achieves that vision. Under each product description, there is the story behind the maker. Their website even has a Shop your values category where you can shop products that are eco-friendly, empowering women, or upcycled, just to name a few.


Featured products in our post from Thread Harvest are, the gorgeous colourful satchel is from the incredible brand What Daisy Did and it’s made from recycled and factory off cut leather by skilled artisans in India. The gorgeous gold patterned eco-friendly Note book is made by once marginalized women in India who now find passion in their art and hope for their future.

We love how Thread Harvest have given us and you, the opportunity to make great choices with our purchasing power to help the people and the planet. As they have, we hope that you will make choices that will be good for you, and hopefully, even for the good of humanity.



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