it’s a pie day


Throughout last year I distracted myself from studying by looking at food blogs and watching cooking shows. Although that was probably not the most productive use of my time it allowed me to de-stress and fall into a curious love for rhubarb. The vibrant appearance of this stalk only enticed me to wish to bake with it one day. With the fading need to study, I dove into the depths of my curious love by baking one of Vess’ favourite foods; pie. (Which is perfect timing as it was Pie Day last Saturday!) 


The lure of the gorgeous red-pink celery like stalk was too strong to resist any longer. When I finally found myself kneading a shortcrust pastry I started getting a little excited. I was getting ready to create my first recipe with rhubarb. The pairing of the sweetness from the apple with the tartness of the rhubarb turned out to be the perfect fit.

The apples added sweetness to the shortcrust pastry and the rhubarb in the tart. Drizzled with the thickened and caramelised juices from the fruit, you can see there were a lot of gorgeous colours. Every serve was worth the time spent preparing and baking. Although there was no real reason as to why this pie was baked, it didn’t matter as it was shared by many and enjoyed by all. The gorgeous colours and lovely taste, only celebrated my curious love for rhubarb.1L8A2234 1L8A2241 1L8A2252 1L8A2269 1L8A2282 1L8A2287 1L8A2290 1L8A2280_1

Year 12, will be forever, one of the strangest years of my life. The only things I remember doing were; studying, sleeping, school and eating. Some of these events are just a blur oor just don’t exist in my memory. But the greatest thing of year 12 for me was learning who I am and shaping the person I will become. I have found new friendships that will last a lifetime, learnt new skills that will continue to grow and most of all learnt of my love for food.

Keep baking and creating!


Food styling: Viv Bong
Photography: Viv Bong (except the ones of her which Val took!)


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