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Jess Jones: 2nd Avenue Events



Jess Jones
2nd Avenue Events & Soar Collective 

We are ready to start of 2015 with a bang! And to kick us off we are so excited to feature one of the most lovely, kind and courageous creative out there! Jess Jones is the woman behind two strong businesses; 2nd Avenue Events and Soar Collective. Both businesses which has been thriving since their establishment in 2013 and 2014 respectively. We talk to her about creativity, her craft and what one needs to succeed in running a business.

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Why the name 2nd Avenue Events?

2 reasons, 1 was my grandmother (Mémée) who was very dear to me, used to live in Second Avenue and also because it has a NYC feel (another thing dear to me!). I lived there for a year and have had a couple of trips back. A very special place which gave me so much.

We’ve been really inspired by your attention to detail and your ability to crate beautiful things. How important is creativity to you in your work/life?

Oh what a lovely compliment! It is truly important. I need an equal mix of both the business side of things and the creativity side. It’s what makes me, me.

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Have you always loved decorating/creating and atmosphere with events?

Absolutely. I’ve always loved entertaining and surprising guests as well as the focus on attention to detail. It’s the little things which people notice and makes each event unique (whether it’s my own or someone else’s).

Have you always worked for yourself or did you have to make a transition from working for others for yourself?

I’ve wanted to have my own business since I was around 22. I launched 2nd Avenue Events in February 2013 and my second business Soar Collective, in May 2014. I was an events manager looking after the Westpac Group contract prior to 2nd Avenue Events.

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What’s the best part of your job?

Getting to create! I’m a real people person so I thrive on meeting and working with lots of amazing people whether they’re a client or talented amazing vendors (like yourself!). I also love getting to do things on my own terms.

And what 3 pieces of advice would you give to those looking to start their own business?

1. Have a great support network – you’ll need it!
2. Absolutely, wholeheartedly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF
3. Be strong. Failures are ok! Just keep the momentum going.
Each step is getting you closer to where you want to be.

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2nd Avenue Events is a creative and passionate team of wedding and event planners and stylists, dedicated to providing you with a special and personal touch to ensure your event is everything you’ve dreamed of. Website/ Twitter/ Instagram /Facebook 

Soar Collective’s focus is on building a community of women who by sharing their successes and failures, can learn from and empower each other.  Soar Collective’s mission is to empower and inspire women in business through authentic networking events and practical workshops


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