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A Little Sweet

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Some more fashion posts brought your way! We’ve been blessed with burst of warm spring weather down here in Melbourne, but as quickly as it comes, it leaves just as fast! The dress I bought together with our darling mother down in the Camberwell shopping district. We saw a pop up shop and went a little crazy buying all these dresses! But I’m sure glad I did! This particular little black dress has as satin shift covered in that gorgeous lace. What I love specifically is that it has V shaped back. Which we forgot to take a picture of here, sorry guys! Will do it soon to show you.

Also, I’ve never really worn statement glasses before, but when I saw this frames in Japan, I couldn’t say no! Bright fun and sassy, it kind of reminds me of one of my favourite fasionistas, Edna Mode.

Finally, on a design nerd sort of note, the flag I’m holding in the last image was designed by awesome illustrators/designers Always with Honour. I was actively stalking/drooling over their work the past week and was overjoyed to find it hanging outside of the most lovely shop! The Woodsfolk is a gorgeous place that everyone must frequent! We forgot to take pictures of the shop but check out the feature Lucy from The Design Files did on it.

Thats all for today lovelies!

With all things lovely sweet and kind




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