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 Hello Friends!

A celebration of the patron saint, St Andrew, the Lisboa Festival is a month long event celebrated yearly in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. Much more your typical public holiday, the Lisboa Festival consists of fun filled nights of sangria, salsa, sardines and super cute plant things that give you good fortune. In all its grandeur and festivity the Lisboa festival is a wonderful display of Portugal’s colourful and rich culture.

Mind you, I had no expectations for Portugal. Decided to journey here on the recommendations of friends (thanks Lauren and Katie!) and on the invitation of another amazing friend, Michelle.  To inform my decision a quick search though instagram’s hashtag: ‘#portugal’ helped motivate my yearning drink in the sights and views for myself. Making me very eager to see the colourful buildings and adorable trams so notable of Portugal.

And my verdict so far? Absolutely wonderful. Portugal is such a beautiful city, full of little quirks and bold flashes of colour. From the decorative tiles to the festive tinsel adorning the spaces between buildings. Every corner of Lisbon makes me feel like I’m in a constant street party. Yes it is very hilly, something which has taken its toll on my shoes and my calfs. But it just means you can get an even more amazing view of the city.

Trying something new and have been experimenting with editing and film. I’ve been inspired with a few of my friends; John, who is an incredible film maker (my favourite one you can watch here) and my gorgeous friend Eva, who makes videos of all her trips.

I’ve finished my ‘Portugal’ film, so hopefully will be able to upload and show you soon!


( as my next post will be about Florence!)

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