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Hi guys!

So sorry for the lack of posts last week, assignments got the better of me and next thing I knew, I let myself slip with the posting. I still was taking a ton of photos, but actually taking the time to edit, post and write, was pushed down on my priority list! Sorry guys!

This is Vess’ outfit as she was on her way to a design conference. Hearing what she learnt and what she’s been up at AGideas to has made me think a bit about creativity.

Wanted to share some thoughts about creativity with you guys.

For one of my uni assignments, I was introduced to the concept of the creativity economy. Where; ideas, artwork, creations and new discovers were the driving force behind each city. What struch out to me the most was the author, John Howkin’s definition of creativity;


Creaitivity is the ability to generate something new. It means the production by one or more people of ideas and inventions that are personal, original and meaningful

. Creativity occures whether the process leads anywhere, it is present both in the thought and in the action. We are being creative when we write something, whether it is published or not, or invent something, whether it is used or not. I use the word creator to describe any person who creates or invents something new.

We are all creative in our own way, in how we perceive and presnt ourselves to world, in how we make sense of the world.

Our sparks of creativity inform our personality. 


These words are something which I’ve pondered on for a bit the past few days. My friends and those around me. know of how much I was amazed by John Howkin’s writings ( I literally showed it to everyone around me or who would listen!) I just love the idea that our world is birthed from creativity. Not just art and design, but in mathematics, science and in business as well. And how our world is created from the Master Creator which in turn affects us, His dearly loved created children. In the bible it says that we are created in God’s image and that we are his dearly loved  creation (he enjoys our mere existence!). And to even share a little bit of his creative characteristics is such a mind blown for me!

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stay creative guys

Love Always




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