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London Morning


IMG_9728IMG_9731IMG_9784IMG_9798IMG_9808IMG_9827IMG_9830IMG_9749IMG_9768IMG_9738IMG_9838Outfit Details
Shirt: Hunt No More
Sunglasses: Festival Specs
Shoes: Leather from Paris
Pants: Vintage Christian Dior
Ring: Market

Hey there

If you had told me at the start of the year, that I would be taking photos with Val on the streets of London, while parading around with top, that flew delicately in the breeze, I would promptly had said, “Not a chance.” In all honesty, the possibility of that occurring was as likely as me wearing a pair of wide legged pants.

It all seemed all together too lofty, too idealistic and much too impossible.

But here we are. Photographic proof that I did indeed do a photo shoot on the London streets. And I did indeed wear wide legged striped pants. Christian Dior silk ones as a matter of fact! And I wore a delightful top, one that had structure, grace, and delicate surprises.

But what else did we do that exceeded the boundaries of the impossible?

We ate a scotch egg at Borough Market, saw Matisse’s collages at the TATE Modern, saw Billy Elliot at the West End, had Brick Lane bagels, sat in the courtyard of the V&A and walked past the queens palace. And to name a few more, Encountered beauty at the portrait gallery, walked beneath the green of Hyde Park, devoured a Lobster in Soho, met up with old friends and walked beneath shadow of the tower bridge.

So ladies and gents, London certainly surpassed our expectations and left us wanting more.

But you want to know the most impossible thing that happened in London?

It was sunny.

Thank you so much to our wonderful hosts, Jan, Arthur, Will and Yesmean, we loved our time in London and you made it incredible!


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VANESSA BONG   –  Founder & Content Executive
Vess is a writer, graphic designer, illustrator and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about design, art, fashion and story telling her She has worked with a number of well known clients including the Melbourne Zoo, Kelly Thompson Illustrations and currently holds a position at SMASH enterprises as a junior designer.  Website Instagram

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  • Rachel Koh 27/08/2014 at 9:03 am

    I love the top, it’s feminine, yet not traditionally so. I was also being very adventurous these few months with my wardrobe. Here’s to new things!

    xo, Rachel

    • Val & Vess 27/08/2014 at 11:49 am

      Thanks for the outfit love Rachel! Yes, I’m in love with this top, definately looking forward to wearing it more in as Melbourne is warming up! I’ve recently decided to try new things with my wardrobe and it’s been fun! Keep up the great work!