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LONDON: Sandeman Free Walking Tours


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Ah, London, the city of The London Bridge, The Royal Family, English tea, Big Ben and Fish and chips.Spoken of as one of the most captivating of places and what a lovely time away from home you were.

Bustling with people, brimming with beauty, beaming with sunshine (quite a rare sight actually!) and becoming one of my favourite cities, London did not disappoint. Unfortunately we only managed to explore of London for one day (as the previous day we had spent at The Secret Cinema Screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel galavanting throughout London in our 1930s gear). I’m sure if you have been to London or have heard about it from friends, you known that there is by far, too much to see in London for only one day. It’s almost like taking a blink or a second out of an entire movie and then leaving the cinema straight after.

Since we were limited on time, it was suggested we take a Sandeman Free Walking Tour. At this reference, well travelled individuals will be nodding their heads in approval. The Sandeman Walking Tours has been offering free tip based tours since 2004 and are well loved for their phenomenal ability to present a city’s history in an engaging and informative manner. But wait, how can it be FREE?  These tours function on a pay as you see fit basis. Tips are voluntary and are dependent on your own satisfaction of the tour. Tour guides will not pressure you into tipping and is dependent on how much you felt the tour was worth.

We personally found all of the above to be true! Our tour guide was actually Australian and so so so enthusiastic about London. His own knowledge of the city was founded on an infectious love for history and culture which made you want go out and find out more about each historical building. Many of which I would have usually just simply walked passed without a second thought of who had lived there, what occurred in that place and what the many flags and symbols meant. You can see the great things they get up to here on their facebook page as well.

So much more of London to explore that I know I didn’t even scratch the surface of this amazing place!

And other exciting news Rachael and I from Suitcase Home will be travelling around 8 countries in Eastern Europe in our Easter break for a month via Eurail (I know ! I can’t believe it myself). Aiming to tackle; Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary (not in that order) we have an exciting month ahead of us living out of our backpacks and suitcases. I can’t promise many great fashion posts, but alot of great travel content!





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