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Hello dear friends, I send greetings from lovely England! For those of you who have been following my (Val) life on Facebook or have been talking to my friends or family, I am currently studying six months in Leeds University on exchange. This journey is seriously fulfilling a life long dream of living in the Europe, travelling around the world and experiencing different cultures, people and opportunities.

I’ll post more photos and tell you a bit more about my experience soon, but for now, feast your eyes on the lovely delights of Love Rouge, a quaint cupcake bakery, in the heart of Headingly. We actually came across these beautiful cupcakes when we stumbled upon a vintage second hand market within the corn exchange of leeds (which is one of many of Leed’s beautiful buildings).

The woollen miniature bunting, the cute tea cups and the adorable hundreds and thousands drew me so easily to their treats!

I also wanted to feature this beautiful lady, who was selling the cupcakes. Her hair is just so stunning and gorgeous! Until that moment, I had never wished for blue hair as much as I did then. She was like a spunky, modern day version of the ladies on the old advertisements in the 1950s of curled hair and full skirts.

While I would love to provide free advertising for Love Rouge, they do not have a website as yet. And I don’t believe they would make deliveries to Australia (sorry my friends down under).

Over the next few posts I am pretty keen to let you know a bit more of what it’s been like living here and of my international exchange experience!

And please, please, please feel free to; ask me any questions about my trip, tell me any places you would recommend or get me to take photos of particular places! You are more than welcome to ask whatever you like!

Farewell for now my dears!




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